Business Chinese Series: Reading and Communicating 1

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This is the first volume of Reading and Communicating in the Business Chinese Series and is intended for international students who have reached HSK level Ⅳ or above, major in economics or business,or are foreigners engaged in commercial activities in China. This book contains twelve units, each of which includes a major text (800~1000 words), complementary texts, after-class reading material, a glossary, analysis of key sentence patterns, and background and integrated exercises. This book focuses on raising the competence of the students’ language input and output. By studying this book, students will be able to improve not only their ability to comprehend business language and information, but also their competence in speaking and writing. This book can be used as a textbook for teaching institutions, self-learning material for students, or as a stepping-stone for students who are learning Chinese and wish to further their knowledge of economics or business in the Chinese language.
Business Chinese Series: Reading and Communicating 1