Chinese Festival Culture Series: The Lantern Festival

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Sample pages of Chinese Festival Culture Series: The Lantern Festival (ISBN:9787212070779) 

mainly made of rice flour, added with pork, corns,dried bean curd, bamboo shoots, fava beans, leafmustard, mushroom, taro, fried beancurd puff, etc.First, chop those materials into dices, and stir-fry themixture in the wok. Then add water until it boils.Put flour into the wok, and keep stirring until it istotally cooked. Add flavorings before the soup isfinished. 
The soup has a story behind it. In early TangDynasty, Taizhou was often ransacked by pirates.Soldiers were mobilized to build walls to ddefend againstthose pirates. The construction began onthe 14th day of the first lunar month when the pirates landed at Taizhou Bay. Soldiers sped up the defense construction when some others were sent to fight against the pirates. On that night, the rain was pouring and the wind was blowing. Seeing the soldiers tired and cold, the common people wantedto do something for them. Some people suggested taking some wine and food which might keep them warm. While some others disagreed, They have regulations They cannot drink wine in a war."When all people were giving their opinions, one man said, "Why not cook vegetables and rice flour in rice wine? Such a mixed thick soup is delicious and warm." All the people present gave a thumb to the idea and began to prepare the materials.
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Chinese Festival Culture Series: The Lantern Festival