Chinese Folk Culture: Funeral

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Table of Contents
Chapter One Rites before the Funeral 
第一章 葬前礼仪 
Section One Confirmation of Death and Calling Back of Spirits 
第一节 属纩与招魂 
Section Two Announcing of Death and Hastening for Funeral
第二节 报丧与奔丧 
Section Three Bodybathing and Feeding-filling 
第三节 洗尸与饭含 
Chapter Two Rites for Funeral Arrangements 
第二章 治丧礼仪 
Section One Inscription Banner and Buddhist Ceremony 
第一节 铭旌与佛事 
Section Two Encoffining (Preliminary En-coffining & Formal Encoffining) 
第二节 入殓(小殓、大殓) 
Section Three Funeral Procession and Crying at the Funeral 
第四节 出殡与哭丧 
Chapter Three Rites after the Funeral 
第三章 葬后礼仪 
Section One Meeting the Third & Making Seven 
第一节 接三与做七 
Section Two Observing Mourning & Five Ranks of Mourning Clothes 
第二节 守孝与五服 
Section Three Tomb-sweeping & Ancestor Worship 
第三节 扫墓与祭祖 
Chapter Four Diversified Forms of the Funeral 
第四章 丧葬的形态 
Section One Earth Burial & Cremation 
第一节 土葬与火葬 
Section Two Water Burial & Celestial Burial 
第二节 水葬与天葬 
Section Three Cliff Burial & Tree Burial 
第三节 悬棺葬与树葬 
Chapter Five Funeral Culture 
第五章 丧葬文化 
Section One Wizards & Witchcraft 
第一节 巫师与巫术 
Section Two The Graveyard & the Cemetery 
第二节 墓地与墓园 
Section Three Fengshui & Taboos 
第三节 风水与禁忌 
Section Four Tablet Inscription & Things for Burial 
第四节 碑刻与葬品
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A good Fengshui master can learn from the practice of Fen,gshui about the height of the main mountain, the distance of the nearby mountain and distant mountain, the encirclement status of mountains on both sides, and the flowing direction of the water. In turn, when a burial place is selected, all the factors mentioned above should be taken into consideration in the decoration and building of the architecture. Of course, all architectures should be in appropriate size so as to match with rivers and mountains and blend with nature. Thus, man and nature can be in a harmonious unity and as soon as you see the tomb, you know about its surrounding environment. 
In the eyes of a Fengshui master, the ideal place of excellent Fengshui has the main mountain at back and is surrounded by mountains and waters. The main mountain should have abundant Qi with its source far into the distance.
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Chinese Folk Culture: Funeral