Chinese Rites and Rituals

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This book is an overall introduction of Chinese ritual systems and the related social norms. The first part begins with an elaboration of the central Chinese concept Li , which carries a wide range of connotations including not only rites and rituals but also what are generally concerned as good manners, appropriate behavior and acceptable ceremonies on various social occasions. The contents are divided into two parts, with the first part on traditional rites and rituals and the second on the modern practice. Actually all possible aspects appropriate to be considered under the general title of Li are touched on, form individual social conducts to state rules. With the understanding that Li is a matter of great importance in Chinese culture, we believe this book is of special value for learning about the Chinese society and its peoples way of thinking and life.
Table of Contents
Part 1 Traditional Chinese Rites and Rituals
Chapter One Rites and Rituals in Daily Life
Daily Life
Meeting Rites
Family Rituals
Chapter Two Social Rituals
Congratulation and Condolence
Gift Sending
Chapter Three The Rites of Passage
Coming of age
Chapter Four Seasonal and Production Rituals
Seasonal Rituals
Production Rites
Rites in Different professions
Chapter Five National Rites
Goodness Rites
Rites of Festival Celebrations
Rites of Guest Receptions
Military Rite
Part 2 Modern Chinese Rites and Rituals
Chapter Six Daily Life
Modern Behaviors
Modern Costume
Chapter Seven Important Events' in Modern Life
Rites of Birth and Death
Marital Rituals
Miscellaneous Rituals
Chapter Eight Public Affairs
Business Rites
National Affairs
National Symbols
Diplomatic Protocol
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Chinese Rites and Rituals