In Pursuit of Harmony: An Academic Anthology of Zhao Baoxu

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Language: English
Format: Papercopy
Page: 232
Publication Date: 11/2008
ISBN: 9787560079394
Zhao Baoxu,born on November 18th, 1922, is a Senior Professor ofArts and Social
Sciences of Peking University. Professor Zhao's specialties cover
political science and international studies. He isHonorary Director of
the Research Center for Contemporary China atPeking University and an
advisor to the Chinese Political ScienceAssociation. He has taught as a
visiting professor at the Free Univer-sity of Berlin (1983-1984, 1993)
and as an E. L. Wiegand Distin-guished Visiting Professor at the Pomona
College (Fall 1995-Spring1996) in the United States. In addition,
Professor Zhao has paidacademic visits to numerous countries, such as
Argentina, Canada,Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Japan,
Mongolia, the Neth-erlands, the Soviet Union, and the United States. His
publicationsinclude An Introduction to Political Science (1982), "The
Revival ofPolitical Science in China" (1983), "Vorlesung zur aktuellen
Politikder Volksrepublik China" (1985) and "Buddhism of Human
Table of Contents
To Build a Harmonious World: Ideal of Traditional Chinese Thinking
The Prospects for China
The Socialist Market Economy: An Important Breakthrough
The Revival of Political Science in China
Causes and Consequences of the Cultural Revolutio
Political Transition: From "the Rule of Man" to "the Rule of Law".
The Value Institutions in Times of Political Change
Democracy Theory and Federalism
Political Science Studies in Contemporary China
"Revolution" and "Development"——A Comparative Study of Chinese Diplomacy in the Mao Zedong Era and in the Deng Xiaoping Era
Security and Cooperation in Northeast Asia
Opening Remarks: What This Conference Is About
Concluding Remarks: Historical Opportunities
Sino-American Relations: A Long View
Prosperity of Chinese Buddhism and Its Contributions to World Peace
On "Buddhism of Human Society"
Foreword to the Chinese Version of A. Doak Barnett's China's Far West: Four Decades of Change
Preface to the Collection of Scalapino's Lectures
Thank-you Remarks at U.C. Berkeley
Ch'ien Tuan Sheng: A Patriotic Scholar
Professor Wang Tieya As I Know Him
In Pursuit of Harmony: An Academic Anthology of Zhao Baoxu