Panoramic China -- Hebei: The Great Wall Legacy

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Author: Xiang Jinke;
Language: English
Format: 1 book
Page: 223
Publication Date: 01/2006
ISBN: 711904513X
Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press
Series: Panoramic China

It is easy to have a quick look at China's past and present, but it takes time to gain a panoramic knowledge of China. The "Panoramic China" series is meant to assist readers, especially those overseas, in this respect. Each volume in the series focuses on a province, municipality or autonomous region, describing, with illustrations, the outstanding characteristics of each area from different perspectives.

Hebei: The Great Wall Legacy

Across the vast land of northern China the Great Wall coils like a guardian dragon. Rated as one of the wonders of the world, the Great Wall, majestic and imposing,embodies the spirit of the Chinese nation and is the eternal pride of Chinese civilization. The Great Wall in Hebei Province, marching for some 2,000 km over undulating terrain,can be regarded as the "epitome of Great Wall culture," as it is the longest stretch of the Wall contained in any one province,autonomous region or municipality in China. It is also the best preserved part of the Wall, and includes all the architectural styles used in building this massive edifice.

This book, with the panorama of the Great Wall as the background, focuses on the passes, fortresses, pass towns and border towns of strategic importance in Hebei, helping readers appreciate the majestic beauty and profound cultural connotations of the Great Wall. A Comprehensive Survey of the Great Wall.

Table of Contents
A Comprehensive Survey of the Great Wall
The History of the Great Wall in Hebei
Gems of the Province , Cities and the Great Wall in Hebei
Qinhuangdao and the Nearby Great Wall
Shanhaiguan Pass
Mount Jiaoshan
Huachangyu and Weiziyu
Bangshuiya Ancient Battleground
Mount Tianma Stone Carvings
Tangshan and the Great Wall within Its Territory
Lengkouguan Pass
Brick and Lime Kilns for the Great Wall
Qingshanguan Pass
Xifengkou and Panjiakou
Chengde and the Great Wall in Its Territory
Dahuding Tower and Xiaohuding Tower
Hualouzi (Tower of the General)
Dajinshan Tower and Xiaojinshan Tower
Heilou (Black Tower)
Kufanglou (Storehouse Tower)
Battle Rocks and Embrasures
Zhuanduokou Pass
Gubeikou Pass
Zhangjiakou and the Great Wall
Headquarters Town of the Xuanfu Defense Command
Jiming Postal Relay Town
Fanshan Fortress
Dishuiya Fortress
Changshendi Fortress
Qingpinglou Pass
Yunzhou Town
Mount Fenghuangshan
Laiyuan Fortress
Zhangjiakou Fortress
Wanquan Right Guard Town
Wanquan Left Guard Town
Yehuling Pass
Huai'an Town
Miaogang "Model" Great Wall
Feihuyu Valley
Baoding and the Great Wall
Zijingguan Pass
Wulonggou Pass
Ningjing'an Fortress Town
Baishikou Pass
Chajianling Pass
Daomaguan Pass
Longquanguan Pass
Site of Suicheng City
Shijiazhuang and the Great Wall
Guyushu Pass
Jingxingguan Pass
Liulingguan Pass
Xingtai and the Great Wall
Heduling Pass
Malingkou Pass
Zhiguoling Pass
Handan and the Great Wall
Shudaoyan Pass
Huangzeguan Pass
Langfang and the Great Wall
Cangzhou and Hengshui
Cultural Sites under State Protection in Hebei Province
Major Hotels in Hebei Province
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Panoramic China -- Hebei: The Great Wall Legacy