The Great Wall

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In the east of the world, on the length and breadthof China's soil, many
earth, stone statured giganticdragons rise. Among them is the gigantic
dragon ofthe Great Wall, lengthen out to ten thousand Li. It leavesthe
Gobi, leaps the desert, strides the grassland andturns over the
mountains. From the winding ups anddowns of Yanshan it moves swiftly and
descends. Itfaces Bohai, holds up its head and speeds along. Thenit
extends its head into the big sea, where it causesbillows to surge and
stirs waves every day, respiresclouds and demonstrates its never
exhausting vigorand enchantment. The Chinese people with all theirheart
and all their force took the totems within theirheart to create it in
their national territory. This is theChinese Great Wall and the ten
thousand Li Great Wall. The children and grand-children of China, by
toil andwisdom, with their lives and blood.
Table of Contents
1 Chapter 1: History of the Great Wall
79 Chapter 2: Structure and components of the Great Wall
133 Chapter 3: The construction and defense matters of the Great Wall
165 Chapter 4: Function and effect of the Great Wall
229 Chapter 5: The culture of the Great Wall and its meanino as a symbol
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Sample pages of The Great Wall (ISBN:9787802257733)

Sample pages of The Great Wall (ISBN:9787802257733)

221 BC Qin Shihuangdi, by later generations called"the eternal emperor" succeeded in his politics. In atime span of not even ten years by relying upon hisactual strength through expansions and accumulationsof his ancestors and by displaying all sorts of strate-gies he successively destroyed the six feudal states ofHan, Wei, Chu, Zhao, Yan and Qi. He established thefirst unified, multiethnic, feudal state with a system ofa centralized government in the history of China andthus realized the first national assimilation. With thestep and symbol of unification, Qin Shihuangdi issueda series of decrees, like abolishing the system ofenfeoffment.
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