Shaolin Temple in My Heart

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Table of Contents
1 An Ordinary Start/7 
2 My Master, Abbot Xingzheng/15 
3 Devotion to Buddha; Doing Solid Work/25 
4 My Kungfu Practice/37 
5 Shaolin Kungfu: The Union of Wushu and Ch'an/45 
6 "Shaolin Temple" The Film/57 
7 Restoring the Original Imperial Monastic Appearance/65 
8 Ancient Monastery Hidden Deep in Mountains/75 
9 Making Out All Efforts to Reach a Goal/85 
10 Shaolin Culture Steps into World/93 
11 Leading a Visiting Delegation to Taiwan/103 
12 "Shaolin Temple Day" in the United States/107 
13 History of Shaolin Temple's Relations with Japan/115 
14 President Putin's Visit to Shaolin Temple/123 
15 Shaolin Cultural Centers Overseas/133 
16 Etemal Dhyana/141 
17 Restoring the Past Glory of Ordination Platform/151 
18 Awakening Wisdom, Lighting Lamp of the Soul/161 
19 "The Four Immeasurables", Hopes for Future/171 
20 Buddhism Brings Non-Worldly Benefits/779 
21 Move the Body, Not the Mind/787 
22 People's Deputy from the religious Circle/799 
23 Finding a Sustainable Model for Shaolin's Preservation/205 
24 Standing Firm on Principles/275 
25 The Shaolin in My Mind/227 
Chronology of Shaolin Temple/225
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Sample pages of Shaolin Temple in My Heart (ISBN:9787508525037, 7508525035) 

Sample pages of Shaolin Temple in My Heart (ISBN:9787508525037, 7508525035) 

Situated in Xinmi City of the Henan Province and only one hundred kilometers from Shaolin Temple, Chaohua Monastery com-mands an extremely important position in the history of Buddhism in China. Chaohua Monastery was known as the "Famous Fifteenth Monastery" as it was ranked fifteenth amongst the nineteen monas-teries where the Buddha relics that were enshrined and worshipped by King Asoka were located during the Tang Dynasty. Chaohua Monastery is the ancestral monastery of the Pure Land Sect, where its Founding Patriarch Bodhiruci had translated Buddhist treatises and transmitted the lineage to the Second Patriarch Tan Luan. 
Shuiyu Monastery, which was historically a Shaolin branch monastery, is located at the Mahavira Mountain in Dengfeng City.This was where Shaolin Temple had once kept its food storage and handed out food ration to disaster victims. As the monastery's remote location is suited for retreat, we decided to use it as a retreat center for monks after its restoration. 
Since the famous Shaolin abbot Xueting Fuyu established Shaolin's hereditary succession and branch system, Shaolin Temple had since become the nucleus of a cluster of branch monasteries that are situated around Shaolin Temple. Shaolin Temple had a total of forty branch monasteries during its most prosperous period, with most of these monasteries situated in the Central Plains region. 
Most of these branch monasteries are of the Caodong lineage (one of the five main Ch'an branch lineages) and their monks are part of Shaolin's hereditary succession system. In fact, those who are in charge of Shaolin's affairs were all chosen from these branch monasteries, resulting in a continuous thriving pool of talented monks. It was exactly the hereditary succession and branch systems that allowed long period of stability and cohesiveness that contributed to Shaolin Temple's continuous prosperity.
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