Shaolin Temple in My Heart

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Author: Shi Yongxin;
Language: Chinese, English
Page: 235
Publication Date: 05/2013
ISBN: 9787508525037, 7508525035
Table of Contents
1 An Ordinary Start/7 
2 My Master, Abbot Xingzheng/15 
3 Devotion to Buddha; Doing Solid Work/25 
4 My Kungfu Practice/37 
5 Shaolin Kungfu: The Union of Wushu and Ch'an/45 
6 "Shaolin Temple" The Film/57 
7 Restoring the Original Imperial Monastic Appearance/65 
8 Ancient Monastery Hidden Deep in Mountains/75 
9 Making Out All Efforts to Reach a Goal/85 
10 Shaolin Culture Steps into World/93 
11 Leading a Visiting Delegation to Taiwan/103 
12 "Shaolin Temple Day" in the United States/107 
13 History of Shaolin Temple's Relations with Japan/115 
14 President Putin's Visit to Shaolin Temple/123 
15 Shaolin Cultural Centers Overseas/133 
16 Etemal Dhyana/141 
17 Restoring the Past Glory of Ordination Platform/151 
18 Awakening Wisdom, Lighting Lamp of the Soul/161 
19 "The Four Immeasurables", Hopes for Future/171 
20 Buddhism Brings Non-Worldly Benefits/779 
21 Move the Body, Not the Mind/787 
22 People's Deputy from the religious Circle/799 
23 Finding a Sustainable Model for Shaolin's Preservation/205 
24 Standing Firm on Principles/275 
25 The Shaolin in My Mind/227 
Chronology of Shaolin Temple/225
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Shaolin Temple in My Heart