Beijing Tour Guide: Cartoons

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Media Recommendation
Traveling is a wonderful experience. All one needs is sufficient money,a suitcase, a map, a sense of anticipation, and this book.
  —— Wang Xiaoya. noted CCW hostess
Wang Qicheng is a cartoonist blessed with the twin qualities ofromanticism and optimism. He also possesses a bold and generoustemperament. His work features elegant and innovative lines, all ofwhich find their expression here.
  —— Zhang G,,oxiao, President of Xiaoyinotao Cartoon Company and Board Chairman of Xiaoyingtao Comic and Animation Brand Management Company

Editor's Recommendation
Beijing is an ancient city that has been the nation'scapital for 850 years in its total history of more than3,000 years.
Through light and good-humored cartoons,Beijing Tour Guide: Cartoons gives an outlineof the natural scenery, folk customs and ancientarchitectures in China's capital. The author WangQicheng displays remarkable imagination throughhis cartoons, which are full of humor and orientalwisdom.

Beijing is home to the humorous Beijingers, whotake immense pride in world-known landmarkslike the Forbidden City and the Great Wall.

About Author
王麒诚,Known as a "Cartoon Knight".Born into a revolutionary army man's family.Graduated from the PLA Military and Economic Institute.Loves life, cartoons and travel.Travelled alone throughout China, covering close to 100,000 km.

Table of Contents
BeiJing's past
Impression of Beijingers
Sights of a big nation
Sights of the inmerial capital
Capital of culture
Bustling city life
Beijing for gourmets
Beijing folk culture
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Beijing Tour Guide: Cartoons (ISBN:9787508515304)

Sample pages of Beijing Tour Guide: Cartoons (ISBN:9787508515304)
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Beijing Tour Guide: Cartoons