Beijing at Play

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Level: 成人(学汉语), 汉语研究者
This book is the first photo-journalistic record of the park culture of Beijing. It presents how the locals promote their health and happiness through a rich variety of daily activities – pastimes and hobbies, both ancient and contemporary, while exploring the related history and culture with over 00 photos of more than 0 different activities including interviews with local park-goers.
Table of Contents
1.1 taiji quan
1.2 taiji sword
1.3 taiji fan
2.folk games from antiquity
2.1 kongzhu playing
2.2 shuttlecock kicking (hacky sac)
2.3 kite flying
3. the rare treasures of Beijing
3.1 juggling the flower stick
3.2 spinning the whip
3.3 snapping the whip
3.4 clapping the bamboo
3.5 rolling the hoop
3.6 shooting the meteor hammer
4. classic-leisure scenes in Beijing
4.1 bird-cage walking
4.2 chess and crd playing
4.3 chatting
5. new inventions of fun
5.1 ground calligraphy
5.2 ring tossing
5.3 clapping-and-chanting drill
5.4 taiji-soft bell
6. non-competition sports
6.1 outdoor gyms
6.2 fishing
6.3 swimming
6.4 skating
6.5 hiking
7. let’s dance
7.1 yang-ge
7.2 fan dance
7.3 folk dance
7.4 ballroom dance
7.5 free style
7.6 ribbon dance
8. let’s get musical
8.1 solo singing
8.2 chorus
8.3 beijing opea
8.4 dance to the harmonicas
8.5 self-organized performing group
8.6 folk music players
9 social groups
9.1 matchmaking meet
9.2 emotional support groups
10 special features
10.1 the square of the Beijing Exhibition center; day and night
10.2 other activities
Beijing at a glance
Parks in Beijing
Map of the major parks in Beijing
How we did it
About the authors
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Beijing at Play (ISBN:9787508512907)
Sample pages of Beijing at Play (ISBN:9787508512907)
Sample pages of Beijing at Play (ISBN:9787508512907)
Sample pages of Beijing at Play (ISBN:9787508512907)
Sample pages of Beijing at Play (ISBN:9787508512907)
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