Collection of Unearthed Jades in China (15 vols)

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  • Author: Gu Fang;
  • Language: Chinese
  • Page: 3960
  • Publication Date: 11/2020
  • ISBN: 9787030160096, 7030160096
  • Publisher: Science Press
This series presents over fine pictures of unearthed jades in China, covering the most complete collection of the last eighty years, especially from the s on, of China's archaeological field research. Among the overall volumes sorted by regions, ninety per cent of the jades are, for the first time, presented in high quality color pictures to the public. These pictures show the clear and original appearances of the jade, with compendious text descriptions of each item, in both Chinese and English, offering key information such as its history, size and current status. For most items, a detailed description on the appearance is also provided. The series is compiled by a prestigious editing team of ten Chinese specialists, with jade expert Fang Gu as the chief editor. The Institute of Archaeology at the Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASS), together with over experts a 0 provincial and local institutes of archaeology, contributed to the project.
Table of Contents
第1卷 北京、天津、河北卷
第2卷 内蒙古、辽宁、吉林、黑龙江卷
第3卷 山西卷
第4卷 山东卷
第5卷 河南卷
第6卷 安徽卷
第7卷 江苏、上海卷
第8卷 浙江卷
第9卷 江西卷
第10卷 湖北、湖南卷
第11卷 广东、广西、福建、海南、香港、澳门、台湾卷
第12卷 云南、贵州、西藏卷
第13卷 四川、重庆卷
第14卷 陕西卷
第15卷 甘肃、青海、宁夏、新疆卷
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Collection of Unearthed Jades in China (15 vols)