Quotations from Confucius - Chinese Sages Series

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Author: Cai Xiqin;
Language: Chinese & English
Format: 1 Book
Page: 252
Publication Date: 01/2002
ISBN: 780052805/9787800528057
Publisher: Sinolingua Press
Series: Chinese Sages Series

"A virtuous man must have said something of note." This is a pithy saying of Confucius, the most influential thinker and educationist in Chinese history.

Confucius left behind him a rich legacy of celebrated dictums covering a wide range of subjects, including self-cultivation, government and the people, education and learning, human relations and making friends, fraternal duty and filial piety. Many of these sayings are still significantly educational and enlightening today.

This book has selected from the treasure house of his wise sayings some short quotations which are easy to read and memorize. Accompanied with English translations and illustrations, they promise a very enjoyable and rewarding experience for Chinese and foreign readers alike.

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Quotations from Confucius - Chinese Sages Series