A Little History of Classical Chinese Literature

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Table of Contents
Chapter One
Pre-Qin: The Naissance Of Chinese Literature
Book of Odes: The Oldest Songs Of China
Zhuangzi: Where Philosophy And Literature Meet
Elegies of Ghu: The Mournful Numbers Of An Exiled Patriot
Chapter Two
Two Han Dynasties: The Formative Stage Of Literature
Sima Q jan: The Father Of Prose And Pater Historiae Of China
Grand Rhapsody And Sima Xiang-ru: A Fancy Style For A Fancy Man
Yue-fu Songs: As Fresh As Morning Roses Newly Washed With Dew
Nineteen Old Poems: The Crown Of The Classical Pentasyllabic Poems
Chapter Three
Six Dynasties: The Era Of Literary Self-Awakening
Three Caos : The Illustrious Trio Of The House Of Cao
Tao Yuan-ming: The Creator Of The Peach Blossom Spring
A New Account Of The Tales Of The World: A Gallery Of The Most Glamorous Personages
Chapter Four
Sui And Tang Dynasties: The Florescence Of Chinese Poetry
The Illustrious Four Of The Early Tang: The Heralds Of High Tang Poems
Wang Wei And Meng Hao-ran: The Two Foremost Idyllists Of High Tang
Li Bai And Du Fu: The Sun And The Moon Have Come Together
Yuan Zhen And Bai ]u-yi: The Kindred Spirits And Beaux Esprits
Han Yu And Liu Zong-yuan: Movers And Shakers Of The Classical Prose Movement
Du Mu And Li Shang-yin: The Twin Starlets In The Twilight Canopy
Chapter Five
Song Dynasty: The Golden Era Of Song Lyrics
Ouyang Xiu: A Literary Giant With A Soft Spot In His Heart
Liu Yong: Where There Is A Fountain, There Goes His Song
Su Shi: The Shiniest Icon Of Chinese Art And Culture
Li Qjng-zhao: Greatest Chinese Blue Stocking Of All Time
Xin Oj-ji: A Warrior In The Worm Of Letters
Chapter Six
Yuan Dynasty: The Heyday Of Chinese Dramas And Plays
Guan Han-qing: The Champion Rake Of All The World
Romance Of The Western Chamber: A Lover's Bible In Medieval China
Tale Of The Lute: The Paragon Of The Southern Plays
Chapter Seven
Ming Dynasty: The Epoch Of Novels And Plays
Water Margin: An Epic Eulogy Of Bromance And Fraternity
Romance Of The Three Kingdoms: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
Journey To The West: A Mindful Journey Of Enlightenment
Peony Pavilion: A Love To Die For And Live For
Plum In The Golden Vase: The Trailblazer Of The Novels Of Manners
Chapter Eight
Qing Dynasty: The Afterglow Of Classical Literature
Peach Blossom Fan: A Token Of Love And A Witness Of The Vicissitudes
Nalan Xingde: A Bright Meteor Across The Canopy Of The Qing
Strange Stories From A Chinese Studio: The Phantasmagoria Of The Supernatural
Dream Of The Red Chamber: The Be-all And End-all Of Chinese Classical Literature
Four Greatest Novels Of Condemnation: The Dystopian Panorama Of A Falling Empire
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A Little History of Classical Chinese Literature