Chinese Art History (3 Volumes)

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Language: Chinese, English
Page: 1309
Publication Date: 07/2011
ISBN: 9787546118505
Publisher: Huangshan Publishing House
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Sample pages of Chinese Art History (3 Volumes) (ISBN:9787546118505)

Sample pages of Chinese Art History (3 Volumes) (ISBN:9787546118505)

Noticeably, the gold and silver wares of the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period differ distinctively in variety and craftsmanship between southern and northern regions, and the northwestem and no rthernstyles of gold and silver crafts formed in production practice over the periodsare widely different from those in the Zhongyuan and southern regions.
The nomadic peoples on the northwestern and northern grasslands werevery fond of gold and silver objects, especially personal ornaments includingearrings, armlets, chaplets and hairpins, as well as some dress and harnessornamental articles. Household articles were less decorated, which contrastssharply with Zhongyuan households practice of using gold and silver to decorate bronze ware, ironware, lacquer ware, jade ware and buildings.
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