Chinese Literature - Culture China Series

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This book introduces the Chinese literature beginning from The Book of Songs (about 1000 B.C.) to the great work A Dream of Red Mansion of the Qing Dynasty, book covering the most important writers and their works in various types of literature such as poetry, prose and fiction. With color pictures.


Table of Contents
The Book of Songs
 “Folk Songs of Regions” (“Guofeng”)
 The Epic of the Western Zhou People
Prose Writings of Various Schools of Thought during
the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States Period
 Tao Te Ching
 The Analects
Qu Yuan and the Elegies of the State of Chu Qu Yuan
 The Lament on Encountering Sorrows
 Elegies of the State ofChu
Records of the Historian—“The First and Last Great Work by
 Historians, Li Sad without Rhyme”
 Pre-Qin Historical Books
 About Records of the Historian
 The Characterization in Records of the Historian
 History and Literature
Literature in the Wei and Jin Period and Tad Yuanming
Li Bai—A Romantic Genius Poet
Du Fu—A Compassionate Sage Poet
“Li and Du the Junior”—Late Tang Poems in the Sad,
 Plaintive and Beautiful Style
 Li Shangyin
 Du Mu
Ci Poetry—Poems That Can Be Sung
 Su Shi
 Li Qingzhao
 Xin Qiji
Two Outstanding Playwrights of the Yuan Opera
 Ouan Hanfling
 Wang Shifu
Brief Outline of Chinese Classical Fictions
Early Classical Fictions in Chapter-titled Style:  Romance of the Three Kingdoms
 Outlaws of the Marsh and
 Journey to the West
Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio—Pinnacle of Classical
Chinese Fiction
A Dream of Red Mansions
Appendix: A Brief Chronology of China
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Chinese Literature - Culture China Series