Chinese Clothing: Garment, Accessory and Culture

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  • Author: Hua Mei;
  • Format: Papercover
  • Publication Date: 01/2010
  • ISBN: 9787508516615
  • Publisher: China Intercontinental Press
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In the Chinese way of describing the necessities of life, clothing ranks at the top of "garments, food, shelter and means of travel". In this country with a long history of garments and ornaments, there is a wealth of archeological findings showing the development of garments, as well as their portrayals in ancient mythology, history books, poems and songs, novels and drama. China, as a country made up of 56 ethnic groups that continually influenced each other, has undergone continuous transformation in dress style and customs.

Hua Mei Born in the city of Tianjin .She is the head and professor of the international School of Women of the Tianjin Normal University and head of the Huamei Clothing Ornament Culturology Study. Her major works include Human Costume and Ornament Culturology, Costume, Ornament and Chinese Culture, and etc. She edited several series of books and wrote the Garments and Ornament Column on People's Daily.

Table of Contents
A Brief History of Ancient Garments
 Shenyi and Broad Sleeves
 Introduction of Ethnic Minority Styles
 The Elegant Wei and ]in Period
 The Thousand Faces of the Tang Costume
 Beizi: a Song Style Garment
 Ming Garments as Seen in Classical Portraits
 Qi Costumes-a Combination of Manchu and Han
 Nationality's Clothes
Clothes and Hierarchy in Ancient Times
 Royal Ceremonial Wear
 The Official Uniform
 Ancient armor suits
Silk, the Silk Road and the Art of Embroidery
Beauty of Primitive Garments
 Adornments and Fairy Tales
 Hats with Meanings
 Shawls and the Back Wrapping Cloth
 A Silhouette of Tibet Costumes
 Countless Ornamental Objects
Trends in Modern Garments
 Civilized New Clothes and Improved Cheong-sam
 Farmer & Worker Uniforms and Service-dresses
 Professional image and professional dresses
 Keeping Pace with the World Fashion
Appendix: Chronological Table of the
 Chinese Dynasties
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Chinese Clothing: Garment, Accessory and Culture