Chinese Publishing: Homeland of Printing

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The time-honored Chinese civilization has nurtured the distinctive
Chinesepublishing industry. To some extent, its formulation and
development mimics that of Chinese civilization. Chinese civilization is
unique in the world in itscontinuity. As a significant activity of
knowledge accumulation and culturalinheritance, publishing has
contributed greatly to the spread and inheritance of Chinese
civilization. In the past thousands of years, Chinese civilizationhas
spread all over the world with books as carriers and has taken
asignificant part in the development of world culture by constructing
the Asian Confucianism civilization circle.
Table of Contents
Preface: Three-thousand-year History of Books in China
A Long-standing and Well-established History
 The Origin of Chinese Characters
 The Appearance of Books and Compilations
 From Oracle Bone to Paper: Media of Ancient Books
 The Evolution of Publishing
Classical Ancient Books
 Selected Content and Editing Format of Ancient Books
 Printing and Transcription: Reproduction of Ancient Publications
 Common Development and Prosperity——Five Major Publishing Systems
 From Bamboo Strips to Stitched Binding: The Ancient Art of Bookbinding and Layout
The Course of Inheritance
 Bibliophiles and Book-collecting House
 Effective Ways to Protect Books
 The Circulation of the Ancient Books
Crystallization of Chinese Culture
 The Thirteen Confucian Classics
 The History of the Twenty-five Dynasties
 Yongle Encyclopedia
 The Compendium of Works of the Past and the Present
 Siku Quanshu and Revised Continuation of Siku Quanshu
 Poetry Anthologies of People from the Tang Dynasty:
 Complete Collection of Tang Poetry and Three Hundred Tang Poems
 Anthology of Ci of People from the Song Dynasty: Complete
 Collection of Song
 Collections ofYuan Qu: The Complete Collection of Yuan
 Sanqu and The Anthology of Yuan Qu
 Novels in the Ming and Qing Dynasty: "Four Great Classical Novels" and "Three Collections and Short Stories"
 Encyclopedia of China
The Progressive Vicissitude
 The Introduction and Application of Mechanical Printing :
 The Rise of New Publishing Houses
 The Emergence of New Publications
 The Social Transition Promoted by New Publishing
Carrying forward the Cause and Forging into the Future
 The Scale of Publication has Enlarged Yearly and Publishing Strength Increased Quickly 
 Publishing Technology Advances and the Rapid Development of Digital Publishing.
 The Commercialization of Publishing System Speeds up in an Improving Legal  Environment.
 Publication Talent Groups have Enlarged with Remarkable Accomplishments in Professional Education and Research
 Publishing Industries in Mainland of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao have Bloomed, Forming the Pattern of Diversity in Unity for Chinese-language Publishing
Road of Books
 The Spread of Papermaking Technique
 The Spread of Printing in Other Countries
 Exchanges between Domestic and Foreign Books
 Intensive Exchange of Publishing between Home and Abroad in Modern Times
 Copyright Trade and International Exchange in Publishing
 Industry in Contemporary Times
Appendix h A Brief Chronicle of China's Publishing Events
Appendix Ih Chronological Table of the ChineseDynasties

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Chinese Publishing: Homeland of Printing