Chinese Paradise Workbook 1

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Adapted on the basis of the first and second editions of Chinese Paradise, this book is a set of international Chinese teaching materials specially designed for non-Chinese primary school students.

The new edition has 6 levels in total, covering Chinese language teaching in primary schools overseas from grade 1 to grade 6. The content and format of this set are in line with children’s cognitive level, and the themes are close to life. Through entertaining stories, games and songs, this book is able to stimulate learning interest, allowing students to learn Chinese language and culture in a natural and relaxing environment.

This is Workbook 1, which is designed to accompany Textbook 1 from the perspectives of vocabulary, pronunciation, Chinese characters, sentence patterns, and communication. It also contains a self-summary and evaluation section for students to practise with in class or after class.

About the Author
Cui Yonghua, a professor at BLCU, has been devoted to Chinese language teaching and research in BLCU since 1981 when he graduated from the Chinese Department of Peking University with a Master’s degree in literature. Mr. Cui used to teach in Oberlin College (the US), the Summer Chinese Program of Middlebury Institute (the US), University of G?ttingen (Germany), and The University of Sheffield (the UK). Cui’s research mainly focuses on Chinese language teaching, Chinese grammar, Chinese information processing. Cui’s previous works include: Classroom Techniques for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (ed.), Studies on Teaching Chinese Characters and Words to Foreigners (ed.), Teaching and Research of Chinese as a Foreign Language (collection of essays), An Introduction to Design of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (solo authorship), Selected Works of CLT Experts—Works of Cui Yonghua (collection of essays), Chinese Now! (ed.), New Concept Chinese (ed.), and Chinese Reading for Practical Purposes: Step by Step series (general ed.), and so on.

Editorial Review
· Upholding the fundamental principles and making breakthroughs. It keeps its original characteristics and takes in new ideas, methods and teachers’ hands-on experience.
· Setting up more levels. It has six levels covering Chinese language teaching in Grades 1-6 of overseas primary schools.
· Revising the units and clarifying the learning objectives. It provides convenience for teaching.
· Improving the methods and learning through interaction. It teaches pronunciation in context, and teaches Chinese characters through exploration.
· Attaching importance to evaluation. The self-assessment section enhances the learning effect.
· Improving the supporting materials and providing digital resources. It is easy to use and reduces the burden on teachers.

This book is suitable for Chinese learning beginners who are native English speakers in the first grade of primary schools overseas. It is recommended to finish one level’s learning in one academic year., The textbook is used together with the accompanying digital resources and workbook.
Chinese Paradise Workbook 1