Peking Opera - Culture China Series (Ebook)

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With a history of more than 200 years,Peking Opera is not a native opera of Beijing ,but a new opera type formed by inter-exchange between Hui troupe actors and Han melody actors that came from south to Beijng as well as absorbing the merits of several other operas popular in Beijing then .Paking Opera rooted in Chinese culture is quite different form Western drama.For first-time foreign viewers,Peking Opera,you will find everything about peking opera is so interesting.One morning you might find yourself in deep love with Peking Opera when you hear singing of Peking Operal
This book is published simultaneously in seven versions in different languages including Chinese,English Japanese,Russina French German and Spanish 
Table of Contents
Intriguing Facial Makeup
Mondey Palys that Bustle with Noise and Excitement
Anhui Troupes and the Birth of Peking Opera
The Art of Listening Old-style Theaters
The Stage and Props
Four Roles of Sheng,Dan,Jing and Chou
Classic Plays
Music and the Orchestra
Nan Dan,or Men Playing Female Roles
Performers and Performing SDchools
Generations of Famous Actors
Mei Lanfang,Famous Dan Impersonator
Theatrical Compaines and Old-style Opera Schools
Forms of Performance
Old Beijing in Peking Opera's Heyday
Modern Peking Operas
Singing,Dancing and Actiong Skills
“Realms”of Acting
Conventions of Peking Opera
Not Easy to Appreciate Peking Opera
Peking Opera in its Contemporary Era
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Peking Opera - Culture China Series (Ebook)