Emperor Yu Tames the Flood

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This is a biography of a legendary Chinese emperor.
In remote antiquity, the Yellow River Valley was stricken by rampant floods year after year, which brought great calamities to the country and the people. Yu, leader of the Xia tribe, was appointed by Emperor Shun to tame the floods. Through 13 years of unremitting efforts, he finally completed dredging channels to lead the floodwaters to the sea, thereby bringing the Yellow River under permanent control and resettling the homeless people.
The legend of Yu the Great as the most celebrated flood tamer in Chinese history is a much-told tale. A variety of miraculous stories about him have been told for over 2,000 years, all having their origins in "Emperor Yu tames the flood"
This story about Emperor Yu tames the flood and later ruling the country presents a crystallization of all the romances and myths about this heroic figure that have circulated in China from time immemorial.
Table of Contents
Personages Who Appear
in Emperor Yu Tames the Flood
Pan Gu Separates Sky and Earth,
and thus the Vast Universe
Nti Wa Creates Mankind,
and thus the Teeming Terrestrial World
Chapter 1
Constant Wars Lead to Rampant Floods,
Failing to Harness the Floods,
Kong Ren Almost Loses His Life
Chapter 2
A Celestial Horse Takes Human Form to
Control the Floods,
Yu Is Born from Ntt Xi's Ribs
Chapter 3
A Calamitous Drought
Follows Failure of Flood-Control,
Bie Ling Captures a Dragon
Chapter 4
The Child Yu Outpaces His Tutor,
Wenming Leaves Home to Study
Chapter 5
Coming to the Fore in a Time of Difficulty,
Gun Leads the Flood Battle,
Writing a Pledge, He Faces a Deadly Blow
Chapter 6
Stealing the Magic Soil and
Fighting the Silver-bearded Dragon,
Gun Faces a Trap after His First Victory
Chapter 7
Beasts Infest the Way to the Master,
A Beauty Shows up amidst Adventures
Chapter 8
Wenming Is Trapped in the Dragon Spring
with a Fierce Enemy,
Saved by the Princess,
He Is Given a Flood-quelling Pearl
Chapter O
Black-faced Dragon Is Grateful to Wenming,
Two Virtuous People Meet and Become Brothers
Chapter 10
Gun Is Vilified by His Political Foes,
and Argues with His Son
Chapter 11
Finding a New Master,
Inspecting Rivers and Mountains,
Seeing His Father's Ill Omen
Chapter 12
An Earthquake Breaches the Dikes,
Gun Commits Suicide and Leaves a Will
Chapter 13
The Commander-in-Chief Recommends
Da Yu as Gun's Successor,
A Brilliant Plan Is Produced
Following the Master's Instruction
Chapter 14
Da Yu Neglects His Mother to
Rid the People of a Scourge,
He Challenges the River Lord
Chapter 15
Da Yu Wins a Fierce Fight with the River Lord,
His Mother Passes Away,
and He Hurries to Tame the Shimen Floods
Chapter 16
Lady Yunhua Helps Da Yu to
Cleave Dragons' Gate,
Pollution Control at Mount Tushan
Chapter 17
With Water as the Matchmaker,
Da Yu and Tushan Jiao Marry,
Da Yu Meets Fu Xi while Harnessing the Floods
Chapter 18
Searching for Herbs in Snake Valley,
Capturing the Silver Dragon
Chapter 19
Da Yu Opens the Three Gates Valley,
He Passes His Home for the Second Time
Chapter 20
Da Yu Is Transformed into a Black Bear,
A Monument Arises at Ox-Head Ridge
Chapter 21
Closing Down a Counterfeiting Den,
Da Yu Reaches the Sea with the Help of a Dream
Chapter 22
Dismissed as Minister of Public Works,
Da Yu Is Welcomed Home,
Engrossed in Flood Control,
He Passes Home Thrice
Chapter 23
Da Yu Offers Himself to Heaven as a Sacrifice,
He Overcomes Obstruction to
His Water-Diversion Plan
Chapter 24
The Water-Diversion Work Ends in Victory,
Tushan Yao Turns to Stone and
Da Yu Bares His Heart
Shun Abdicates in Favor of Da Yu,
Da Yu Shoulders Royal Responsibility
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