The Bilingual Series of The Most Impressive Beauty of China: Chinese Stories

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Table of Contents
第一部分 民间故事
Part Ⅰ Folk Tales
盘古开天地 Pangu Created Heaven and Earth
女娲补天 Nvwa Patched up the Sky
女娲造人 Nvwa Created Human Beings
大禹治水 Yu the Great Combated the Flood
神农尝百草 Shennong Tasted Hundreds of Herbs
愚公移山 Foolish Old Man Removed the Mountains
嫦娥奔月 Chang'e Flew to the Moon
后羿射日 Houyi Shot down the Suns
夸父追日 Kuafu Chased the Sun
精卫填海 Jingwei Filled up the Sea
钻木取火 Drill the Wood to Get Fire
仓颉造字 Cangjie Created Chinese Characters
牛郎织女 Cowherd and Weaving Girl
白蛇传 The Legend of White Snake
梁山伯与祝英台 Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai
花木兰代父从军 Hua Mulan Joined the Army for Her Father
第二部分 成语故事
Part Ⅱ Idiom Stories
三顾茅庐 Make Three Calls at the Thatched Cottage
望洋兴叹 Lament One's Littleness before the Vast Ocean
高山流水 High Mountains and Flowing Water
破镜重圆 A Broken Mirror Joined Together
名落孙山 Fall behind Sun Shan
才高八斗 A Person of Great Talent
枕戈待旦 Maintain Combat Readiness
卧薪尝胆 Sleep on the Brushwood and Taste the Gall
沉鱼落雁 Make Fish Sink and Wild Geese Alight
滥竽充数 Make up the Number
画蛇添足 Draw a Snake and Add Feet to It
按图索骥 Look for a Steed by Its Picture
揠苗助长 Uproot Seedlings to Spur Growth
亡羊补牢 Mend the Fold after the Sheep Is Lost
邯郸学步 Imitate to Walk in Handan
讳疾忌医 Hide One's Sickness for Fear of Treatment
掩耳盗铃 Cover the Ears to Steal the Bell
画饼充饥 Draw a Cake to Satisfy Hunger
狐假虎威 The Fox Borrows the Tiger's Fierceness
老马识途 An Old Horse Knows the Way
井底之蛙 A Frog Living at the Bottom of a Well
守株待兔 Stay by a Stump to Wait for Hares…
鹬蚌相争 A Battle Between a Snipe and a Clam
完璧归赵 Return the Jade Intact to the State of Zhao
围魏救赵 Besiege the State of Wei to Rescue the State of Zhao
班门弄斧 Show off One's Skill with an Axe before Lu Ban
兔死狗烹 Kill the Hounds for Food Once the Hares Are Bagged
望梅止渴 Quench Thirst by Thinking of Plums
买模还珠 Get the Casket and Return the Pearl
洛阳纸贵 Paper Is Dear in Luoyang
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