The Bilingual Series of The Most Impressive Beauty of China: Cuisine Culture

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Table of Contents
前言 Preface
第一部分 饮食文化概述
Part I Overview of Cuisine Culture
中国美食 Chinese Cuisine
饮食习惯 Dietary Habits
餐桌礼仪 Table Manners
酒文化 Wine Culture
茶文化 Tea Culture
第二部分 八大菜系
Part Ⅱ Eight Cuisines
川菜 Sichuan Cuisine
鲁菜 Shandong Cuisine
粤菜 Guangdong Cuisine
湘菜 Hunan Cuisine
苏菜 Jiangsu Cuisine
浙菜 Zhejiang Cuisine
闽菜 Fujian Cuisine
徽菜 Anhui Cuisine
第三部分 特色美食
Part Ⅲ Special Cuisines
北京烤鸭 Beijing Roast Duck
老北京炸酱面 Traditional Beijing Noodles with Soybean Paste
冰糖葫芦 Candied Haws on a Stick
驴打滚儿 Glutinous Rice Rolls Stuffed with Red Bean Paste
狗不理包子 Go Believe
耳朵眼炸糕 Earhole Fried Cake
桂发祥十八街麻花 Guifaxiang 18th Street Fried Dough Twists
德州扒鸡 Dezhou Braised Chicken
肉夹馍 Marinated Meat in Baked Bun
凉皮 Steamed Cold Rice Noodles
羊肉泡馍 Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup
臊子面 Saozi Minced Noodles
胡辣汤 Hot Spicy Soup
刀削面 Sliced Noodles
太原头脑 Soup with Eight Ingredients
莜面栲栳栳 Hulls Oats Flour Kaolaolao Noodles
太谷饼 Taigu Cake
兰州牛肉拉面 Lanzhou Beef Ramen
热干面 Hot-dry Noodles
精武鸭脖 Jingwu Duck-neck
南翔小笼包 Nanxiang Small Steamed Buns
生煎包 Pan-fried Baozi Stuffed with Pork
蟹壳黄烧饼 Xiekehuang Sesame Seed Cake
长沙臭豆腐 Changsha Preserved Smelly Tofu
口味虾 Spicy Crawfish
糖油粑粑 Sugar Oil Baba
桂林米粉 Guilin Rice Noodles
螺蛳粉 Liuzhou River Snails Rice Noodles
过桥米线 Crossing Bridge Rice Noodles
鲜花饼 Flower Cake
粤式早茶 Guangdong Morning Tea
煲仔饭 Steamed Rice in Clay Pot
云吞面 Wonton Noodles
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The Bilingual Series of The Most Impressive Beauty of China: Cuisine Culture