The Love Story of a Young Monk

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Author: Wang Zengqi;
Language: English, Chinese
Page: 123
Publication Date: 12/2011
ISBN: 7513515697,9787513515696
Series: China Stories

he China Stories series is a collection of short stories and novellas that are meant for a pleasant reading experience, an experience that is made all the more delightful by our elaborately produced bilingual texts and beautiful illustrations. Whether the story-teller or the listener comes from China or elsewhere, we believe that you can derive your own impression of China from these stories, and feel closer to it whether it was familiar or strange to you before you lay your hands on the China Stories series.

This novel is mainly about the fresh and indistinct love between the small monk Minghai and the little girl Yingzi, to show with rich poetic flavour the rural lanscape of Lixia River in Su Bei in 1930s. The novel is full of intrinsic joy, praising the simple and healthy human nature.

About the Author
Wang Zengqi(1920-1997), was born in Gaoyou, Jiangsu province, and is a famous modern writer in China. His famous works include the Encounter, the Night at Sheep Cot, Cavalry Biography, The Love Story of a Young Monk, An Event Happening in Danao, and more. More than 70 collections of essays and novels have been published at home and abroad. Wang Zengqi Collected Works(5 volumes) and Wang Zengqi Complete Works(8 volumes) came out in 1993 and 1998 respectively.
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