Chinese Mythological Stories

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Table of Contents
1. Pan Gu, the Creator of the World
2. Nüwa Created Six Animals
3. Nüwa Created Human Beings
4. The Fight Between Gonggong and Zhurong
5. Nüwa Mended the Sky
6. The Fairy Land in the Ocean
7. Longbo Fishing the Sea Turtles
8. The Legend of Fuxi
9. The Imprison and Release of the God of Thunder
10. Fuxi and His Younger Sister Nüwa
11. The Life of Fuxi and Nüwa after Disaster
12. Sui-jen Shih ( Suiren Shi ) Drilling Wood to Make Fire
13. The God of Farming and the God of Commerce
14. Shennong Trying an Hundreds of Herbs
15. The Descendants of Yan Emperor
16. Jingwei Trying to Fill up the Ocean
17. The Birth of Yellow Emperor
18. Mount Kunlun, Mountain of Deities
19. Yellow Emperor's Managing Ghosts
20. The Legend of Chiyou
21. Yellow Emperor Fighting Chiyou
22. Xuannii Teaching Yellow Emperor the Art of War
23. Yellow Emperor Killing Chiyou
24. Kuafu Chasing the Sun
25. The Birth of Shaohao
26. Interesting Bird Country
27. The Birth of Zhuanxu
28. Zhuanxu and Yuqiang
29. Zhuanxu's Death
30. Zhuanxu's Evil Sons
31. The Mystery of Pengzu's Longevity
32. The Birth of Yao Emperor
33. The Miracle of Yao Emperor's Reign
34. The Story of the Silkworm Horse
35. Ten Suns' Prank
36. Witch and Ten Evil Suns
37. Emperor Ku Sending Yi to Rein in the Suns
38. Yi Shooting Nine Suns Down
39. Hebo's Bride
40. Yi Getting Elixir
41. Chang'e Flying to Moon
42. Feng Meng Killing Yi
43. Abandoning the Infant on Ice
44. Houji's Achievements
45. Orphan's Tears
46. Emperor's Son-in-law
47. Transforming into Bird in the Fire
48. Transforming into Dragon in the Well
49. A Merciful Eider Brother
50. Shun Taking Yao's Test
51. Shun Taking the Throne of Yao
52. The Boundless and Overwhelming Floods
53. Gun Giving Birth to Yu
54. Yu Assembling Gods
55. Killing Fangfengshi
56. Yu Marrying Tushanshi
57. Yu Travelling around China
58. Yu Killing Xiangliu
59. The Legend of Qimu Rock
60. The Toil of Controlling Waters
61. The Conspiracy of the Dragon King against King Miaozhuang
62. Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea
63. The Chinese God of Door
64. The God of Kitchen
65. The Legend of Emperor Wang
66. Guanyin Sending Her Portrait
67. A Fisherman and the Dragon King of the East Sea
68. The Devil Dog Devoured the Sun
69. Lady Meng Jiang Wailed at the Great Wall
70. The Legend of the White Snake
71. The Legend of Chen Xiang Saving His Mother
72. The Monster of Nian
73. The Heavenly Queen and the Flat Peach Fairy
74. Fighting with the Dragon King by Boiling Seawater
75. Goddess of Wushan Mountains
76. The Legend of Liu Yi
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