Modern China in Pictures: 1911-2012

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  • Author: Wang Xi;
  • Language: English
  • Format: 2012-04
  • Page: 345
  • Publication Date: 01/2013
  • ISBN: 9787510426322
  • Publisher: New World Press
Read China through pictures recording a history of 100 years.
More than 400 historical photos.
To understand China's past, present and future.

About Author
Wang Xu was born in 1982 in Beijing. He graduated with a Ph.D from the School of History of Beijing Normal University. He is now a lecturer at the Party School of the Central Committee of the CPC. He is engaged in the study of modern Chinese history and Chinese social history in the 20th century. He has published several academic papers in domestic journals and been involved in major research programs sponsored by the National Social Science Fund. His works include the Life of the Descendents of Chiang Kai-shek (under the pseudonym Yu Xi).
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 
A Difficult Start (1911-1927)/1 
A Difficult Start /2 
Changes in Clothing Fashions /6 
Agriculture, Commerce and Daily Life /12 
Chanaes in Family Life /13 
Transportation /16 
Urban Transformation /24 
New Culture 30 
Artistic Revival /34 
Chapter 2 
Years of Crisis (1928-1949)/37 
Economic Development/38 
Urban Landscape /46 
Lifestyle /58 
National Education /64 
Films and Operas /70 
Anti-Japanese War/77 
Economic Hardships /84 
Liberation of the Farmers /86 
Chapter 3 
A New World (1950-1965)/89 
Society /96 
Urban Landscape /100 
Lifestyle /106 
Education /134 
Culture /138 
Chapter 4 
Freeze-Frame of a Symbolic Era(1966-1976)/147 
A Fiery Era/148 
Chapter 5 
Catching Up with theWorld (1977-2000)/179 
Tidal Wave of the Era /180 
Wave of Economic Growth /191 
Food Priority/202 
Return of Beauty/214 
Transportation /226 
Marriage and Family /232 
Education /242 
Sports and Entertainment/260 
Films, Music and Performances/266 
Chapter 5 
Merging with the World(2001-2012)/281 
Transportation /282 
Fashion Leaders/294 
Modern Industry and Agriculture /298 
New Urban Landscape /313 
Lifestyle /328
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Sample pages of Modern China in Pictures: 1911-2012 (ISBN:9787510426322) 

Sample pages of Modern China in Pictures: 1911-2012 (ISBN:9787510426322)
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Modern China in Pictures: 1911-2012