Dao De Jing - Laozi: A New Translation by Yang Peng

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Author: Lao Zi; Yang Peng;
Language: Chinese, English
Publication Date: 10/2019
ISBN: 9787510468162
Publisher: New World Press
Table of Contents
Preface /i
前言 /xi

Dao De Jing /1
道德经(杨鹏校本) /95

About the Author /129

About the Translator /132
关于译者 /133
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The Dao that can be spoken

is not the eternal Dao.

The Name that can be named

is not the eternal Name.

The Nonbeing which cannot be named

is the origin of creation.

The Being which can be named

is the mother of all things.

Being absent of desire

we see the essence of the mystery.

Being full of desire

we see the boundaries of its manifestations.

These two come forth simultaneously

but they are given different names.

The different names point to the same reality.

O mystery of mysteries

the door to all wonders.






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Dao De Jing - Laozi: A New Translation by Yang Peng