Liezi Speaks · Han Feizi Speaks : Thougts to Ride the Wind The Power of Pragmatism

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Table of Contents
Liezi Speaks 
Chapter 1 Heaven's Boun 
快乐的三个原因Three Reasons to Be Happy 
生为徭役死为休息Life Is Taxing Death Is Relaxing 
杞人忧天The Sky Is Falling 
Chapter2 The Yellow Emperor 
列子御风而行Liezi Rides the Wind 
美与丑Pretty and Ugly 
神巫的相术The Physiognomer 
列子惊惧Liezi Gets Scared 
Chapter 3 King Mu of Zhou 
周穆王神游King Mu Travels Out of Body 
老成子学幻The Illusionist 
列子说梦Liezi Interprets Dreams 
苦乐的真相The Reality of Joy and Suffering 
是梦是真?Dream or Real? 
华子健忘症Huazi Gets Amnesia 
见物思情 Seeing Is for Grieving 
迷惘的是谁? Who's the Demented One? 
Chapter 4 Confucius 
圣人乎?A Sage? 
用“心”去玩Rambling With the Mind 
Chapter 5 Tang's Questions 
长短、大小、高下A Foot Short,An Inch Long 
愚公移山The Foolish Old Man Moves Mountains 
夸父逐日 Kuafu Chases the Sun 
异国奇俗Strange Customs in Other Lands 
师文学琴Wen Studies the Zither 
绕梁三日 Three Days in the Rafters 
伯牙鼓琴Bo Ya Plays the Zither 
不射的神箭The Dao of Archery 
泰豆心法Tai Dou’s Method of the Mind 
来丹报仇Laidan Seeks Revenge 
Chapter6 Power and Destiny 
贪生怕死Greedy to Live,Afraid to Die 
死不足悲?What's Sad About Death? 
Chapter 7 Yang Zhu 
名无实实无名A Good Reputation 
贫害身富累身 Contented,Not Contentious 
生暂来死暂往Coming and Going 
生与死Life and Death 
狂人?达入? Crazy or Enlightened? 
顺其“生”顺其“死” Flowing With Life and Death 
拔一毛以利天下Pulling Out a Hair 
治大者不治细Big Fish Don’t Swim in Small Rivers 
野人献曝The Country Bumpkin Gives Advice 
Chapter 8 Interpreting Signs 
持后的道理Maintaining the Rear 
影响The Shadow and the Echo 
学道的目的The Goal of Studying the Dao 
列子学射Liezi Studies Archery 
知贤而不自贤Employing Capable People 
不恃智巧The Artificial Leaf 
先知的话Prophetic Words 
失时者亡Timing Is Everything 
我伐人,人亦伐我The Invader Is Invaded 
骤雨不终日 It Doesn’t Rain Forever 
幸与不幸The Two Acrobats 
善相马者不知牝牡The Horse Appraiser Forgets the Color 
爵高官大禄厚High Rank,High Office,High Pay 
理无常是 事无常非No Single Way 
锋芒之害The Danger of Being Conspicuous 
不食盗食Bandit’s Food 
士为不知己者死Dying for an Unworthy Cause 
杨布打狗Yang Bu Beats a Dog 
知行分立The Art of Longevity 
恩过相补Releasing Pigeons 
弱肉强食The Weak Are Meat for the Strong to Eat 
心中的善恶The Scheming Neighbor 
心中的“贼” A Thief in the Mind 
附录·延伸阅读APPENDIX Further reading 
Hanfeizi Speaks 
The Life of Han FeiZi 
韩非子的一生 The Life of Han Feizi 
The Philosophy of Han Feizi 
坚守本位Knowing Your Place 
爪牙Claws and Teeth 
非知难,说之难The Difficulty of Persuasion 
好心与坏心Giving Advice 
人逐利而为People Act for Profit 
圣人没有耻辱Sages Are Not Disgraced 
宋人献玉A Gift of jade 
一鸣惊人 The Thunder of a Bird's Call 
得胜之道The way to Win 
文王的手段King Wen’s Methods 
自胜者强Overcoming the Self 
巧诈不如拙诚Sincerity over Cunning 
老马识途Old Horses Know the Way 
蚤虱之流Tiny as a Louse 
卫人嫁女The Selfish Wife 
鲁人徙越The Lu People Move to Yue 
远水近火Distant Water for a Nearby Fire 
为羿持靶Holding the Targetfor Yi 
勇气的来源The Origin of Courage 
虱子争猪Three Lice on a Pig 
预留余地Leave Some Room 
王寿焚书Wang Shou Burns His Books 
两张嘴巴的虫The Two—Headed Bug 
伯乐教相马Bo Le Appraises Horses 
立法如涧谷The Penal Gorge 
侥幸心理Feeling Lucky 
使民赴水火Braving Fire and Water 
越王好勇民多轻死The King Bows to a Frog 
仁义只能说着玩玩Benevolence and Righteousness Are Just for Fooling Around 
爱多者,则法不立Canng Too Much 
伺察的方术Checking Up 
滥竽充数Biding Time 
越王试练人民Training the People 
使民习弓Teaching the People to Shoot 
愚弄Made a Fool of 
水火之性The Nature of Fire and Water 
妻子的祷告A Wife’s Prayer 
太子尚未出生The Crown Prince Hasn’t Been Born 
烧不掉的头发The Unburnable Hair 
利害有反When Benefit Becomes Harm 
美人无鼻The Noseless Beauty 
卜子妻做新裤A New Pair of Pants 
棘刺之端的母猴A Monkey on the Tip of a Thorn 
人君犹盂民犹水A Sovereign Is Like a Basin 
宋襄公之仁The Righ teousness of Duke Xiang 
秦伯嫁女Duke Mu Gives His Daughter in Marriage 
木鸢不如车辊The Wooden Kite and Pivot—Bar 
郢书燕说RaiSing Up a Candle 
白马总是马A White Horse is Still a Horse 
宓子贱治单父Fuzi fian Governs Shanfu 
无用的葫芦The Useless Calabash 
画鞭The Painted Whip 
买椟还珠The Jewelry Box 
自食其果Reaping What You Sow 
买履取度Buying Shoes 
画鬼最易Painting Ghosts 
妇人之仁Mrs.Bu’s Benevolence 
喜欢才不要Thanks,But No Thanks 
不蔽贤人Shaoshi the Muscle—Man 
公私分明 Keep Public and Private Separate 
曾子杀猪Zengzi Slaughters a Pig 
施恩望报Rewarding the Worthy 
公私有别The Difference Between Private and Public 
空言难使马肥Skinny Horses 
太子也得谨慎守法Even the Crown Prince Must Obey the Law 
吴起休妻Wu Qi Divorces His Wife 
卖酒人家的猛犬The Wine Merchant’s Dog 
齐王选后Choosing a queen 
君主用术的原则The King Studies Law 
不能与臣共用威权Zao Fu and the Boar 
以利御人靠不住Rewards Aren’t Necessarily Sufficient 
双头马车The Two—Headed Chariot 
尧舜不两全Ethics vs.Coercion 
子产断案Zichan Cracks a Case 
如虎添翼Giving a Tiger Wings 
矛盾 Contradiction 
良药苦口Hair Loss 
为蚁冢绊倒Tripping Over Anthills 
守株待兔Waiting for a Rabbit 
长袖善舞Long Sleeves 
附录·延伸阅读APPENDIX Further reading
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Sample pages of Liezi Speaks · Han Feizi Speaks : Thougts to Ride the Wind  The Power of Pragmatism (ISBN:9787514316629) 

Sample pages of Liezi Speaks · Han Feizi Speaks : Thougts to Ride the Wind  The Power of Pragmatism (ISBN:9787514316629)
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