Fascinating Mural Stories From Dunhuang Grottoes (2 Vols)

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135 marvelous and colorful mural pictures
Fascinating and interesting mural stories
Reproducing artistically more than 1500 years's elegant style and features of folk arts and history vicissitude from Sixteen Kingdoms to Qing Dynasty
Precious pictures
Treasured cultural relics
Recommended reading
Table of Contents
Building Khotan Kingdom
The Treasure-granting Statue
A Beggar Turned into a Rich Man
Ananda Begged for Milk
Water-moon Avalokitesvara
King Bimbisara Prayed for a Son and
Incurred III Will
16 Self-contemplations
A Fight Between Raudrakasa and Sariputra
Two Sons Persuaded Their Father to Believe in Buddhism
Bodhisattva ManJusri Visited Sick Vimalakirti
King Udayana Made a Statue of Buddha
Why Did Buddha Point to the Ground
The Buddha with Two Heads
Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara and
Putuo Mountain
A Flying Sculpture of Tathagata
Glowing Pagoda
The Mysterious Agni Water-fire Pool
Prince Kalyanakarin Sought Treasure from the Sea
East Maharaja and Queen Mother of the West
The Colossus, Asural Holding the Sun and the Moon
Fasting Wolf
Deer King Saved Posterities
The Hawk, the Dove and King Sivi
Nanda Tonsured
Deer of Nine Colors
Little Sramanera, the Devout Monk
Sumati Invited the Buddha
Vicious Dog and Its Predestined Relation
with Buddhism
The First Turning of the Wheel of Dharma at
Deer Park
Moonlight King Donated His Head King Vilenjeli Suffered a Thousand Nails in
His Body
Cousins Worshipped the Three Treasures
Evil Ox Turned to Be Good
How Five Hundred Bandits Became Buddhists
Prince Susambhava Cut Flesh to Save His Parents
The Sufferings of Patacara, the Bhiksuni
King Sudhira Gave His Eyes Away
Taming a Firedrake
Brahman Devoted His Body Zhang Qian Setting Offto the
Western Regions
Monk Fotucheng
Priest Tan Yan
The Auspicious Statue at Xiling Temple The God of Thunder and the Siblings of
The Eight Kings Who Fought for Buddha's Relics
Vaisravana Fought in the Sea
Ox Horn Hill
Bodhisattva Samantabhadra
Bodhisattva ManJusri
Lotus Boys
Buddha Preached Doctrine to His Mother
Sakra-devanam-indra and the Highest 33-level Heavens
Superior Flowing Water Saved the Fish
Jataka of Prince Sudana and the Tigers
Unicorn Immortal
Killed While Picking Flowers
The Flower Scattering Fairy
The Resurrection of Shanzi
Willow Avolakitesvara
Prince Sudana Was Ready to Give Aims to
the Poor
Covering Up the Sun and Building Pagodas
Releasing the Fish with 1 O0 Heads from Purgatory
The Stele of Asoka
The Derivation of Amitabha
Island of Treasures
Xuan Zang's Pilgrimage for Buddhist
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Fascinating Mural Stories From Dunhuang Grottoes (2 Vols)