Landscape of Grand Gansu

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Table of Contents
1 Brilliant Gansu
Beauty of the Green
Yellow River bends
Gannan grassland, the largest wetland in the Yellow River's first bend
Maiji Mountain in raining haze
Gifted Qilianshan Mountains
The largest royal stud farm in Asia,Shandan
Liujiaxia, a legendary Gorge in Gansu
Kongtong Mountain, the foremost mountain in the west
Longnan, the country's largest production base of olive oil
Bailongjiang River, the demarcation between sub—tropical and warm temperate zones of China
Zhagana, a main agricultural heritage in China
Beauty of the Yellow
Jiayuguan castle, an impregnable pass
The Stone Forest on the shore of Yellow River
Dunhuang Yardang, National Geological Park
Przewalski's Horse, the only hitherto survived wild—horses species on the earth
Beauty of Colors
Qianlian glacier, a nearest one to urban area in Asia
The world naturalheritage:Sands—Singing Dune & Crescent Lake
Rainbow Hillin China—Danxia landform in Zhangye
Wetland on the steppe
Hexi Corridor
Zhuanglang wheat terrace, a miracl of the world
Tianzhu, the hometown of White Yak
Giant Pandas in Gansu
Wanxiang Karst Cave in Wudu,Longnan
The previous pear—orchardin Shichuan, a significant cultural heritage in China
Beauty of the Red
The Lazikou
Hadapu Township
Reunion Tower
Revolution Memorial Hallin Nanliang
2 Humanity Gansu
Aricestor Culture
Dadiwan Civilization, the dawn of Chinese history
Fu—hsi, the creator ofhumanity and farming
Xuanyuan Yellow Deity, the first one in China's primordial Five Emperors
Home village of Queen Mother of the West, a lady worshiped place
Painted human—head bottle, an ancient dream salvaged
Majiayao pottery art, a fabulous prehistoric "Chinese painting"
Dunhuang Culture
World Cultural Heritage: Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes
Documents in Buddhist texts library of Dunhuang
Muralarts of Dunhuang
The Jataka Tale: a deer of nine colors
Dunhuang Culture
Grotto Culture
Grotto corridor
Tiantishan Mountain, originator ofgrottoes
Horseshoe Temple
Yulin grottoes, another Mogao Grottoes
Binglingsi grottoes, residence for one hundred thousand maitreyas
Maijishan Grottoes, an oriental sculpture museum
The south and north cave temple,the grottoes on the Loess Plateau
Lashaosi cliff Buddha Statue, the largest one in China
Archaeological Culture
The hunter, knight and dancer —Gansu rock paintings
China's first knife
Dabaozi hillin Lixian, a midwifery site for Kingdom Qin
Tilianghe—kettle, a witness offusion of Chinese & Western cultures
Bamboo Slips in Qin & Han Dynasties,one of the four foremost findings for Chinese historiography
Galloping horse treading on a fiying swallow, the Chinese tourism logo
Tombs of Wei and Jin Dynasties,an underground gallery
Painting of Estafette,the China's post ambassador
Xixia Paean,one of the "Tri— Paeans" in Han Dynasty
Dayunsi Temple in Jingchuan, where the Buddhist Relics ever discovered three times
World cultural heritage:the Great Wall in the Qin and Han Dynasties
World cultural heritage: Yumen Pass ruins
World cultural heritage:ruins of Xuanquanzhi
World cultural heritage:Suoyang Town ruins
Ruins ofmystical Black—Water Kingdom,a city of ancient Xiongnu nationality in China
The ancient YongtaiTown, a military fortress model in ancient China
Weiyuan Baling Bridge, China's only laminated—beam arch bridge solely made of wood
Zhongshan Bridge, the first steel suspension bridge once constructed across the Yellow River
Fossil Discovery
Yumen's "Gansu Bird" (Gansus yumen.sis), the first pieces of Mesozoic birds fossil ever discovered
Ancient elephant in Yellow River valley, the Asia's largest one
Hezheng, well—known spot for ancient fauna fossils
Religious Culture
The Labrang Monastery, the world's institute on Tibetan studies
Dafo Temple in Zhangye, the largest indoor wooden—body & clay—concreted Buddha in Asia
The master Kumarajiva
Culture of Nationalities
Legend ofGeneral Huo Qubing
The swift General Li Guang
Zhang Qian, a pioneer on the Silk Road
Zhang Zhi, a saint scholar
"Complete library in the four branches of literature)" in Wensuge, the gems of Chinese culture
The "Five—Liang Civilization" as frequently recorded by the historian in their Iiteratures
"Ancient World's Fair"once held at the foot ofYanzhi Mountain in Sui Dynasty
The mysterious Helong & Xixia civilizations
The alliance tablet in White Pagoda Temple, Liangzhou, Wuwei City
"Gesar", the longest epic of the world
"Tri—Li in Longxi", legend in the Tang dynasty
Longxi Hall, origin of all the Li's families in the world
Exquisite Dress of Yuger nationality
Sword of Baoan nationality
Folk Culture
"Chigezhou", Baima—Tibetan's dancing show in Wenxian
Blossom festival, Zhouqu
Xihe, the town of Qiqiao culture in China
Lanzhou Taiping drum, the first—ranking drum show in the world
Hua'er, a type of folk song as its birthplace in Gansu
Qingyang's sachet
The paper—cut in East Gansu
Puppetry shadow show in Huan County
Taoyan, one of the four well—known Chinese—ink trays
The brick carving in Linxia City
Modern Culture
Deng Chunlan, the first female in China who called for opening the university to ladies who commonly deprived of such right in old days
Wang Jinxi, once called "iron man"
The binary—star of China's dancing dramas: Tale on the Silk Road & Legend of Crescent Lake
The Lanzhou University & Northwest Normal University, the famous centenary schools in China
3 Livable Gansu
Base for Health
Qibo's hometown
The Emperor's Inner Canon
The originator of acupuncture
Kongtong's health—preserving regime
Dunhuang's health—preserving regime
Tibetan herbal medicine
Hot spring for health—care
Township of Medicinal Herbs
China's pinellia town—Xihe
China's codonopsis town—Weiyuan
China's astragalus town—Longxi
China's angelica town—Minxian
China's isatis town—Minle
Food Remedy
Melon & fruit remedy
Fitness Atmosphere
Fitness for all
4Today's Gansu
Platforms Erected by Government
Lanzhou new area
Heritage & innovation zone for Chinese civilization
Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo
The integrated pilot area for ecological safeguard barrier in China
Lanbai pilot area for science & technology innovation
The state demonstration area for circular economy
The key section of the Silk Road Economic Belt
Lanzhou Investment & Trade Fair
Dunhuang Tour of Silk Road International Tourism Festival
Aerospace City
Dongfeng Aerospace City
Town of Nonferrous Metals
The town ofnonferrous metals
Lanzhou petroleum chemicalindustry,the eldest son of the Republic
Treasures in Gobi Desert
Sand industry development in Gansu
Benefitting People Action
Cansu's precise poverty alleviation program
Lanzhou Blue
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Sample pages of Landscape of Grand Gansu (ISBN:9787552704631)
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Landscape of Grand Gansu