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Chinese Classical Music(2 CDs)
ISBN: 6924551490780 | Published on 01/1999
This is a collection of Chinese Classical Music. CD 1 includes the best-renowned work such as River, The Great Waves lashes the Sands, The blooms of...

Suwu Tender Sheep
ISBN: 6924551400659 | Published on 01/1998
Suona, or Suona horn, a woodwind instrument, is popular in northern China's countryside. This album is a collection of famous Chinese classical...

Morning in the Miaoling
ISBN: 6924551400642 | Published on 01/1998
The bamboo flute is a very popular folk musical instrument. This album covers such important work as Morning in the Miaoling, The spring of Pamir,...

Butterfly Lover and other pieces-a collection of Zheng
ISBN: 6924551402813 | Published on 01/2000
Zheng is an ancient plucked instrument of China with 21 or 25 strings. This is a collection of Chinese classical folk music of Zheng. The pieces...