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Guan Yongnian, an ethnic Manchu, was born in 1937 in Beijing to a family well-versed in Xing Yi Quan and martial arts. The family has some connections by marriage to the Qing royoal family. He learned Xing Yi Quan and Sun-style Taiji from an early age. Then, in his early adulthood,he learned Taiji inner work with Zhao Zhongdao, a master of Taiji jiujitsu; Xiantian Qigong with master Hu Yaozhen, and Taiji Tuishou with Wu Tunan, an expert of Wu-style Taiji. He also visited and received important guidance and instructions from a number of masters of different Taiji styles. He also has frequent exchanges with Taiji experts of his own generation and practice tuishou with them. Apart from honing his Taiji skills and inner work continuously, Guan has also studied Taiji theories and published over 20 monographs. He has long been devoted to teaching Taiji.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Sun-style Taijiquan

Chapter 2
Routine of Sun-style Taijiquan

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Tai Chi For Health