Nan Taiji Quan

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I got to know Xu Changwen at the Changchun Movie Studio about thirty years ago when we both were characters of Japanese warriors in the first Chinese Kungfu movie Wudang Changwen is a real master of Kungfu. Once during a shooting, he was arranged to push a Chinese civilian on the chest. The actor as the civilian was also a big master of Kungfu, but he complained that he felt pain at his chest for almost one month afterward.
Our outer setting was mostly at Mount Wudang. Wudang is a holy place famous for its Neijia Boxing. There Changwen met Aisin Gioro Puhuan (Jin Zitao), the representative of Wudang Taiji Quan, and they became good friends.

About Author
Xu Changwen was born in Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. He is now the chairman of the board of directors of the Taizhou International Cultural and Wushu School, president of Taizhou Wushu Association and senior Wushu instructor, and has been invited to be a judge in the National Wushu Kick-boxing Championships for many times.
Mr. Xu began to love Wushu when he was a child, and infiuenced by his father and local traditions, he became a disciple of Pan Wensen, a local master of Taiji Neigong; of Li Yuan-shan, successor of the Taizhou Nan Taiji Quan; ofjin Yimin, a Hard Qigong expert; and of Chen Baokui, who has high attainments in Taiji Neigong. He was once instructed by wushu master Cai Longyun, nicknamed "Holy Dragon Fist", and Qiu Pixiang, China's first wushu doctoral supervisor.
Table of Contents
The Basic Concepts
The Principles ofthe
Nan Taiji Quan
Health Fitness Effects of the Nan Taiji Quan
Step by Step

Ready Position
Move the Fist Around Universe
Pine Tree Welcoming Guest
Cast Brick to Attract Jade

Routine One
Demount with Two Knives
White Ape Offering Fruits
Phoenix Opens Wings
Butterfly Flies Amidst Flowers
Butterfly Dances
Wu Song Gets Rid of Handcuffs
Grabbing in Horse Stance
Arhat Punches Fist
Grinding Palms to Break Rope
Six Seals and Six Closes

Routine Two
Zhang Fei Beating the Drum
Pull the Rein and Tether the Horse
Fisherman Sculls Boat
Stir the Grass to Scare the Snake
Pull Out the Beam and Change the Pillar
Autumn Wind Sweeps Leaves
Pick from the Pocket
Guan Yu Pulls Back the Big Sword
Twin Dragons Visit Cave
Six Seals and Six Closes

Routine Three
Cao Cao Offers Sword
Dispel the Clouds to See the Sun
Lion Opens Mouth
Push the Boat Downstream
Erlang Carries a Mountain
Black Tiger Strikes at the Heart
Hungry Tiger Searches Food
Fireworks Soaring to the Sky
Woodcutter Ties Up Firewood
Six Seals and Six Closes

Routine Four
Crane Reveals Its Wings
Nezha Stirs Up the Sea
Jade Girl Works with Shuttles
Crouching Dragon
Waving the Arms in Bigger Dipper
Boa Coils
Old Vine on Tree
Lift and Tie Up Robe
Tiger Tail Whip
Six Seals and Six Closes
Routine Five
Routine Six
Ending Position
Double Exercises
Basic Training
Strength Training
Career of Martial Arts
Outstanding Students
Worldwide Practice
Martyr Xu Jiangang
Family Pictures of the Author
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Nan Taiji Quan (ISBN:9787119090740)
Sample pages of Nan Taiji Quan (ISBN:9787119090740)
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Nan Taiji Quan