Teaching and Learning of 24-form Taijiquan: A Book for International Students

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  • Language: Chinese, English
  • Page: 168
  • Publication Date: 07/2022
  • ISBN: 9787512431744
  • Publisher: Beihang University Press
Table of Contents

第一章 24式太极拳的基本功法1

第一节 桩功1

第二节 体姿10

第三节 太极拳的腰隙、丹田训练24

第四节 太极拳的意境32


第二章 太极拳"三调"要求41

第一节 调身41

第二节 调息46

第三节 调心49


第三章 留学生学习太极拳的方法56

第一节 常见错误56

第二节 练习方法61

第四章 太极拳的服装与礼仪71

第一节 太极拳的服装款式及规格要求71

第二节 太极拳的礼仪72


第五章 24式太极拳套路动作分解76

第一节 预备式76

第二节 起式77

第三节 左右野马分鬃79

第四节 白鹤亮翅86

第五节 左右搂膝拗步88

第六节 手挥琵琶93

第七节 左右倒卷肱95

第八节 左揽雀尾99

第九节 右揽雀尾105

第十节 单鞭106

第十一节 云手110

第十二节 单鞭114

第十三节 高探马114

第十四节 右蹬脚116

第十五节 双峰贯耳120

第十六节 转身左蹬脚122

第十七节 左下势独立124

第十八节 右下势独立128

第十九节 左右穿梭130

第二十节 海底针134

第二十一节 闪通臂137

第二十二节 转身搬拦捶139

第二十三节 如封似闭144

第二十四节 十字手146

第二十五节 收式150

第六章 24式太极拳动作布局路线图152


Chapter 1 Basic Skills of 24form Taijiquan1

1.1 Stance Training1

1.2 Body Positions10

1.3 Waist Gap and Dantian Training of Taijiquan24

1.4 Artistic Conception of Taijiquan32

Chapter 2 "Three Aspects of Adjustments" of 24 form Taijiquan41

2.1 Body Adjustment41

2.2 Breath Adjustment46

2.3 Mind Adjustment49

Chapter 3 Methods for International Students to Learn Taijiquan56

3.1 Common Mistakes56

3.2 Methods of Learning and Practicing61

Chapter 4 Dressing and Etiquette of Taijiquan71

4.1 Clothing Styles and Specification Requirements of Taijiquan71

4.2 Etiquette for Taijiquan72

Chapter 5 24 form Taijiquan Movements Decomposition76

5.1 Preparing76

5.2 Commencing Form77

5.3 Part the Wild Horse's Mane on Both Sides79

5.4 White Crane Spreads its Wings86

5.5 Brush Knee and Twist Step on Both Sides88

5.6 Play the Pipa93

5.7 Step Back and Whirl Arms on Both Sides95

5.8 Grasp the Bird's TailLeft Side99

5.9 Grasp the Bird's TailRight Side105

5.10 Single Whip106

5.11 Cloud Hands110

5.12 Single Whip114

5.13 High Pat on Horse114

5.14 Kick with Right Heel116

5.15 Strik Opponent's Ears with Both Fists120

5.16 Turn and Kick with Left Heel122

5.17 Push Down and Stand on One LegLeft Style124

5.18 Push Down and Stand on One LegRight Style128

5.19 Work at Shuttles on Both Sides130

5.20 Needle at Sea Bottom134

5.21 Flash the Arm137

5.22 Turn, Deflect Downward, Parry and Punch139

5.23 Apparent Close up144

5.24 Cross Hands146

5.25 Closing Form150

Chapter 6 Path Map of the 24 form Taijiquan Movements152

Sample Pages Preview

Taijiquan is not only a martial art with offensive and defensive effects, but also an important exercise for fitness and disease prevention. Practice has proved that it has a magical effect on the prevention and treatment of human nervous system, respiratory and circulatory system, digestive system, bones and muscles, articular diseases and so on, thus it gained great popularity among foreign studentsWith the increased enthusiasm of foreign students for Taijiquan, how to better help foreign students learn it and enjoy the happiness and healthy life it brings and how to publicize it abroad become the concerns of all educators of Taijiquan.

Under the organization of the Chinese Sports Committee, masters and experts of Wushu created the"24form Taijiquan" in 1956, also known as Simplified TaijiBased on the Yang style of Taiji, the entire set is composed of simple movements that gradually become more complex.

In 24form Taijiquan, many repeated moves in the original routine were removed and the main structure and skill content are strengthenedThe movements involving the right side of the body have been added to provide symmetry not found in the old sets. Therefore, it is easier to understand, easier to learn, and more practical to train for fitness.

This book was written and demonstrated by Yang Yuzhong and Sun Fu, and translated by Liu Xiaofei and Liu LingThe presentation was filmed by Yang Zihan, Department of Film and Television Photography and Production, Communication University of Zhejiang (Huace Film Academy) and the pictures were processed by Sun Jiayi, College of Information Engineering, Shanghai Maritime University. Although this book has been revised many times, it still has some shortcomings. Your suggestions will be welcomed.

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Teaching and Learning of 24-form Taijiquan: A Book for International Students