Yanchi's Targeted Measures for Poverty Relief and Its International Implication

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Author: Wang Lingui;
Language: English
Page: 86
Publication Date: 10/2018
ISBN: 9787520333733
Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Yanchi county has strictly followed the Party Central Committee's major decision-making arrangements to win the fight against poverty and play a leading role in the process of poverty alleviation, aiming at the weak links of the poor people 'in the development of industrial funds, and thus serving as a breakthrough for poverty alleviation. Yanchi county innovatively carries out various financial poverty alleviation microfinance works, such as mutual aid funds, rating credit and four level credit reputation platform construction; comprehensively constructs a social credit system; builds a credible society; innovates a guarantee model; uses "mutual support funds" combined with "thousand village credits" to lever several times of development funds; expands the credit coverage of poor households; breaks the hard frame of "no-bank-loan after 60 years old"; and includes "non_malicious blacklist" filed poverty-stricken households into the rating credit line. Yanchi county also innovatively implements "poverty alleviation insurance" and solves the "Ten Major Problems", such as difficulties in loans for poor households and returning to poverty due to illness and disaster, which forms "Yanchi model".

About Author
王灵桂,Ph.D. in International Politics, is currently the Party Secretary, Deputy Director, and Senior Research Fellow of the National Institute of International Strategy(NIIS), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences(CASS). Since the end of 2015, he has also served as executive vice Chairman of Board of Directors and General Secretary of the National Institute for Global Strategy(NIGS), CASS. His major studies cover global strategy, anti-terrorism research, Islamic studies, Middle East issues, and Hong Kong (China) and Macao (China) issues. He has published 500 pieces of papers, books and reports. Some of his works were awarded by CASS and governmental institutions.
张中元, Ph.D. in Economics, is currently an Associate Research Fellow of the National Institute of international Strategy(NIIS), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences(CASS). His major studies are international economics and applied econometrics. He has published more than 30 papers in academic journals.
Table of Contents
1. Poverty Alleviation in Yanchi County
1.1 Completion of main indicators
1.2 Main measures

2. Financial Poverty Alleviation: The "Golden Key" to Unlock the Poor and Reach the Rich
2.1 Improving the credit system and innovating the guarantee model
2.2 Expanding the credit coverage of poor households

3. Innovating the Combination of lndustry and Finance to Solve the Problem of Sustainable Development of the Masses
3.1 Adhering to government guidance and consolidating the foundation of industrial development
3.2 Increasing financial support and so Mng industrial financing problems

4. Ensuring Health, Education and Poverty Alleviation
4.1 Taking health poverty alleviation as a major political task and the priority livelihood project
4.2 Upholding education priority development strategy

5. Tailoring Poverty Alleviation Insurance, Holding the Bottom Line of Returning to Poverty
5.1 Tailoring "poverty alleviation insurance" products
5.2 Establishing a sound mechanism to ensure the normal development of poverty alleviation insurance

6. Consolidating the Foundation for Rural Revitalization
6.1 Promoting the renovation of dangerous houses and kiln, and realizing the full coverage of rural residents' safe housing
6.2 Promoting the construction of beautiful countryside and improving the rural infrastructure of public service capacity

7. Deepening the "Three Pioneers" and Paying Attention to Spiritual Poverty Alleviation
7.1 Basing on poverty alleviation first stimulates ambition and endogenous motivation
7.2 Curing ignorance and building a foundation for poverty alleviation and enrichment
7.3 Removing old habits and setting up a rural fulcrum for poverty alleviation

8. Reinforcing the Multiplier Effect of Party Building and Providing a Strong Organizational Guarantee for Poverty Aiieviation
8.1 Concentrating on thought and action
8.2 Building an organizational and service foundation
8.3 Enhancing hematopoietic function and endogenous power

9. The Universal Enlightenment of Yanchi County Poverty Alleviation Experiences
9.1 Giving full play to the guiding role of the government and strengthening the execution of the central government policy
9.2 Exploring practice and innovation breakthroughs of poverty alleviation work
9.3 Seeking truth and being pragmatic, adapting to local conditions, and innovating poverty alleviation mechanism
9.4 Regarding the targetted identification as the top priority for poverty alleviation
9.5 Combining poverty alleviation with "shaping souls" and "cultivating people"
9.6 Grasping the party building at the basic level organizations and strengthening team building
Yanchi's Targeted Measures for Poverty Relief and Its International Implication