Yang Style Tai Ji Quan:a Beginner's Guide (with DVD)

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Author: Hu Zhen;
Language: English
Format: Book + DVD
Page: 97
Publication Date: 02/2011
ISBN: 9787117133531
Publisher: People's Medical Publishing House
Series: International Standard Library of Chinese Medicine
This book teaches what is still the most commonly known tai ji quan style the Yang family tai ji quan, with a focus on the 40 Movements Routine. A distinguishing feature of the modern Yang style tai ji quan style is its simple, gentle movements, and can be learned and practiced by people of virtually all ages and body constitutions. As a means of health cultivation, tai ji quan enhances coordination, strength and flexibility, and harmonizes both the body and mind, which is why it is known to promote mental and physical well-being as well as prevent disease.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction
Section 1 Basic Concepts of Tai Ji Quan
Section 2 Theory of Tai Ji Movement
1. Tai Ji Holism
2. Concept of Constant Motion
3. Concept of Equilibrium
Chapter 2 History of Tai ji Quan and Establishment of Different Schools
Section 1 Origin of Tai Ji Quan
Section 2 Formation and Development of Tai Ji Quan
Section 3 Establishment and Development of Different Schools
Section 4 Popularization of Tai Ji Quan
Chapter 3 The Principles of Tai Ji Quan
Section 1 Natural Laws of Life: Tai Ji and Yin-Yang Theory
1. Opposition of Yin and Yang
2. Interdependence of Yin and Yang
3. Reciprocal Growth and Decline of Yin and Yang
4. Inter-transformation of Yin and Yang
Section 2 Source of Life Energy: Tai Ji and Qi
Section 3 Master of Life Activities: Tai Ji and Essence-Spirit Theory
Chapter 4 Tai Ji Quan and Health
Section 1 Effect of Tai Ji Quan on Heart Function
Section 2 Effect of Tai Ji Quan on Spleen-Stomach Function
Section 3 Effect of Tai Ji Quan on Lung Function
Section 4 Effect of Tai Ji Quan on Kidney Function
Chapter 5 Characteristics of Different Styles and How to Choose a Style
Section 1 How to Choose a Style as a Beginner
Section 2 Characteristics of Chen Style Tai ,Ji Quan
Section 3 Characteristics of Yang Style Tai Ji Quan
Section 4 Characteristics of Wu Style Tai Ji Quan
Section 5 Characteristics of Wu Style Tai ji Quan
Section 6 Characteristics of Sun Style Tai Ji Quan
Chapter 6 Basic Postures and Requirements of Tai Ji Quan
Section 1 Basic Postures of Tai Ji Quan
1. Basic Hand Formations
2. Basic Body Postures
3. Basic Footwork
Section 2 Basic Requirements for Tai Ji Quan Practice
1. Requirements for Body Movements
Correct Body Posture
Relaxation, Peace and Naturalness
Waist is the Key for All Movements
Smooth, Flexible and Coherent
2. Requirements for the Mind
Correct Physical Structure
Faintly Discernible
3. Requirements for the Breath
Natural Breathing
Abdominal Breathing
Section 3 Common Problems and Solutions Found in Teaching Tai Ji Quan
1. Inability to Relax: Causes and Solutions
Chapter 7 Yang Style 40 Movements Tai Ji Quan Routine
Chapter 8 Common Mistakes in Tai Ji Quan Practice
Appendix Yang Style Tai Ji Quan Routines
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