Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine

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The Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine is an international collaboration of Chinese medicine experts from both China and the west, and co-written by an experienced practitioner who has been teaching the subject in western schools. This book covers the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and discusses the topic in greater depth than any English language textbook available today. An abundance of classical references are also included here. The material in this text comprises resource for a professional course of training in TCM, which is also the basic material for studying and comprehension of other more advanced courses in TCM. The main contents include the physiological basis of essence-qi, yin-yang and the five phases, followed by the theories of essence, qi and blood, fluids, and spirit. Organ manifestation, channel and collateral theory, constitutional theory, etiology and patho-mechanism, and also principles of prevention and treatment are expounded upon. The knowledge in this textbook is approximately equal to that for students of TCM colleges in China, and coincides with the requirements in the Examination Syllabus for TCM Professional Practitioners Worldwide.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 The Fundamental Philosophy of
Chinese Medicine
Chapter 2 Essence, Qi, Blood, Fluids and Spirit
Chapter 3 0rgan Manifestation(Zang Xiang,藏象)
Chapter 4 Etiology and Pathogenic Factors
Chapter 5 The Onset and Transmission of
Chapter 6 Pathomechanisms
Chapter 7 Constitutional Teory
Chapter 8 Prevention, Principles and Methods of Treatment
Chapter 9 Diagnosis
Chapter 10 Chanel and Collateral Theory
Chapter 11 The History of Chinese Medical Theory Bibliography(English)
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine (ISBN:9787117187268)
Sample pages of Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine (ISBN:9787117187268)
Sample pages of Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine (ISBN:9787117187268)
Sample pages of Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine (ISBN:9787117187268)
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Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine