TCM Case Studies: Dermatology

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Integration has many faces. This collaborative work approaches integration in terms of the narrative which composes the case. The dimensions of integration and collaboration take place within the interpersonai, inter-institutional and transcultural levels. They take place at the level of medical thought, interactions between the learners, but also, their mentors. FurtHer, a temporal integration takes place as this book conveys both contemporary and classical Chinese medical thought in the context of the case. Thus, this entry into the PMPH clinical case series provides an example ofintegrative case management. In addition to these lofty principles, this book delivers grounded clinical experience in the treatment of dermatologicai conditions. For common difficult to treat cases such as psoriasis there are multiple cases so that the reader may gain different perspectives upon the problem.
Table of Contents
SECTION I Viral Dermatosis
1.Herpes Zoster

SECTION II Bacterial Dermatosis
4.Folliculitis & Furuncle

SECTION III Fungal Dermatosis
5.Tinea Corporis & Tinea Cruris
6.Tinea Manus and Tinea Pedis

SECTION IV Insect Dermatosis
8.Mite Dermatitis
9.Paederus Dermatitis

SECTION V Dermatitis & Eczema
10.Contact Dermatitis
12.Atopic Dermatitis
13.Infantile Eczema

SECTION VI Urticaria Related Dermatosis

SECTION VII Physical Dermatosis
16.Polymorphous Light Eruptio
17.Summer Dermatitis
19.Rhagadia Manus and Pedis
20.Frictional Lichenoid Eruptio

SECTION VIII Pruritic Dermatosis
22.Pruritus Gestationis
23.Lichen Simplex Chronicus

SECTION IX Erythroderma Desquamativum
25.Erythema Multiforme
27.Pityriasis Alba
28.Pityriasis Rosea

SECTION X Connective Tissue Disease

SECTION XI Vascular Dermatosis
30.Anaphylactoid Purpura
31.Pigmentary Purpuric Dermatosis

SECTION XII Skin Appendage Disease
33.Seborrheic Dermatitis
34.Alopecia Areata
35.Androgenic Alopecia
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of TCM Case Studies: Dermatology (ISBN:9787117197922)
Sample pages of TCM Case Studies: Dermatology (ISBN:9787117197922)
Sample pages of TCM Case Studies: Dermatology (ISBN:9787117197922)
Sample pages of TCM Case Studies: Dermatology (ISBN:9787117197922)
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TCM Case Studies: Dermatology