A Sketch of Chinese Culture

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Table of Contents
Unit 1 Basic Information of China
Text A A Panoramic View of China
Text B Chinese Ethnic Groups
Text C Yangtze River and the Yellow River
Text D China's Political System
Text E The Development of Civilization in China
Fun Time

Unit 2 Philosophy and Wisdom
Text A Life of Confucius
Text B Laozi and the Daodejing
Text C Hundred Schools of Thought
Text D Sunzi and The Art of War
Text E The Book of Changes
Fun Time

Unit 3 Scientific Development and Invention
Text A An Admirable Woman Tu Youyou and Her Achievements
Text B The Silk Road Dream of China's High-speed Trains
Text C The Ever Shining Four Great Inventions of Ancient China
Text D Looking Up into the Space
Text E One Dedicated Scientist and Agricultural Advancement
Fun Time

Unit 4 Language and Literature
Text A Standard Mandarin
Text B Origin of Chinese Characters
Text C Classification of Chinese Poetry
Text D Drama and Great Fictional Novels in Yuan Dynasty
Text E Historical Background of Dream of the Red Chamber
Fun Time

Unit 5 Education and Communication
Text A Education in Ancient China
Text B The Belt and Road
Text C The First Chinese Library in Mexico to Promote Cultural Exchange
Text D Traditional Chinese Lantern Festival Held in the UK
Text E Chinese Students Mobility Trends
Fun Time

Unit 6 Stories and Legends
Text A Beginning of the World
Text B The Story of Nezha
Text C Chinese Zodiac Stories
Text D The Chinese Dragon
Text E The Legend of Dung Yong and the Seventh Fairy
Fun Time

Unit 7 Festivals and Celebrations
Text A Spring Festival
Text B The Origin of the Double-Seventh Day
Text C Water-Splashing Festival of the Dai People
Text D The Tomb Sweeping Day
Text E The Dragon Boat Festival
Fun Time

Unit 8 Food and Health
Text A The Five Key Flavors of Chinese Food
Text B Characters of Chinese Cuisine
Text C Chinese Food Therapy
Text D Chinese Alcohol History and Culture
Text E Local Specialties
Fun Time

Unit 9 Arts and Crafts
Text A Chinese Traditional Operas
Text B Chinese Shadow Puppetry
Text C Chinese Embroidery
Text D Chinese Paper-Cut
Text E Chinese Seals
Fun Time

Unit 10 Natural and Cultural Wonders
Text A The Terracotta Army
Text B Yungang Grottoes
Text C Mount Tai
Text D The Forbidden City :
Text E Humble Administrator's Garden
Fun Time

Unit 11 Cultural and Historical Relics
Text A Chinese Porcelain
Text B Chinese Bronze Mirrors
Text C Along the River during the Qingming Festival
Text D Chinese Jade Burial Suits
Text E Heshi Jade
Fun Time

Unit 12 Animals and Plants
Text A Chinese River Dolphin
Text B Golden Snub-nosed Monkey
Text C Crested Ibis
Text D Dove Tree
Text E Ginkgo
Fun Time
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