Highlights of Chinese Culture(English-Chinese Version)

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This book mainly introduces the fine traditional Chinese culture. With rich national characteristics, the content of this book is representative and interesting. It intends to make the students enhance their human quality and cultivate a sense of national pride. Meanwhile, it leads them to pay attention to the exotic culture, cultivate their cultural awareness and build up the concept of multi-culture.
Table of Contents
Chapter One Brief History and Traditional Culture of China
Unit 1 A Brief History of China
Unit 2 Traditional Chinese Culture

Chapter Two Traditional Chinese Ideology
Unit 1 Chinese Traditional Way of Thinking
Unit 2 Reflections on the Limitations of Chinese Traditional Ideas

Chapter Three Interchange Between Oriental and Occidental Culture
Unit 1 Spreading of Oriental Culture to the West
Unit 2 Introduction of Western Culture to China

Chapter Four Ancient Science and Technology
Unit 1 Scientific and Technological Achievement of Ancient Chinese
Unit 2 The Four Great Inventions
Chapter Five The Silk Road and Zheng He's Voyages
Unit 1 The Silk Road
Unit 2 Zheng He and His Seven Voyages to the Western Seas
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Highlights of Chinese Culture(English-Chinese Version)