An Outline of Chinese Culture (2nd Edition)

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Author: Chang Junyue;
Language: English
Format: 25.4 x 18.4 x 1.4 cm
Page: 197
Publication Date: 10/2016
ISBN: 9787301274279
Table of Contents
前 言
Unit 1 Chinese Mythology
Text A Chinese Mythology
Text B Jingwei Determines to Fill Up the Sea
Text C Animals in Mythology
Unit 2 Chinese Dietary Tea Culture
Text A Chinese Dietary Culture
Text B A Bite of China
Text C Cooking Methods
Unit 3 Chinese Tea and Wine Culture
Text A Tea Drinking in China
Text B The Origin of Chinese Wine
Unit 4 Chinese Clothing Culture
Text A Chinese Clothing
Text B The Silk Kingdom
Text C Dress Code in China
Unit 5 Chinese Architecture and Gardening
Text A Ancient Chinese Architecture
Text B Number “9” and the Imperial Buildings
Text C Chinese Stone Lions
Unit 6 World Natural and Cultural Heritage in China
Text A World Heritage in China
Text B World Heritage Preservation in China
Text C The Benefits of Ratification
Unit 7 Chinese Festivals and Folk Customs
Text A Chinese Festivals
Text B Chinese Folklore
Text C Exchange of Gifts
Text D Spring Festival Gala
Unit 8 Arts and Crafts
Text A Chinese Arts and Crafts
Text B Paper Cutting
Text C A Carpenter Consecrated by Artisans of All Crafts
Text D National Treasure’s Name Amended
Unit 9 Painting and Calligraphy
Text A Traditional Chinese Painting
Text B Calligraphy
Text C Four Treasures of the Study
Unit 10 Chinese Operas
Text A Beijing Opera
Text B Characteristics of Beijing Opera Costumes
Text C Kunqu: Humankind’s Common Cultural Heritage
Unit 11 Traditional Chinese Medicine
Text A Traditional Chinese Medicine: Basic Principles
Text B Methods of Treatment in Chinese Medicine
Text C Yangsheng
Text D Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine
Unit 12 Chinese Philosophy
Text A Confucianism
Text B Taoism(1)
Text C Zhuang Zi
Text D Mo Zi and His Philosophy
Text E Han Fei, a Legalist
Unit 13 Chinese Religion
Text A Chinese Religion
Text B Taoism(2)
Text C Wudang Mountain
Text D The Early Buddhism Temples in Tibet
Unit 14 The Chinese Language
Text A The Chinese Language
Text B Some Distinctive Features of the Chinese Language
Text C The National Language
Text D Complex Chinese Characters and Simplified Ones
Unit 15 Chinese Literature
Text A Ancient Chinese Literature
Text B Lu Xun’s Works
Text C Guo Moruo
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An Outline of Chinese Culture (2nd Edition)