Intriguing Chinese Culture 1

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Author: Miao Yaohua;
Language: English
Format: 22.5 x 17.5 x 0.8 cm
Page: 101
Publication Date: 06/2017
ISBN: 9787508535432
A generously illustrated series introducing traditional Chinese ideas and beliefs that are still relevant today. The series (Intriguing Chinese Culture) includes 4 books with subjects arranged in English alphabetic order.• Wide range of topics covered, such as particular animals, legendary creatures, festivals, colours and numbers• Interesting contrast between Western and Chinese beliefs, where applicable• Numerous illustrations and photos to bring Chinese culture alive• Relevant Chinese phrases and idioms with English translations for vocabulary expansion

Editor's Recommendation

Intriguing series will take you to an enjoyable journey of learning “strange” things about China!

About Author

Y H Mew, MA (History), has spent over 30 years publishing language-related books for young and adult learners. He is constantly seeking creative ways to present content so that readers may find learning more enjoyable.

Table of Contents
1 abacus 算盘
2 addressing one's husband or wife 称呼
3 ancestor worship敬祖
4 ancestral tablet神祖牌
5 apricot杏
6 The Art of War 孙子兵法
7 bamboo竹
8 bat蝙蝠
9 bean curd(doufu or tofu)豆腐
10 bear 熊
11 beard胡须
12 beauty 美貌
13 bee蜜蜂
14 Beijing Opera京剧
15 bells钟
16 betel槟榔
17 big and small大小
18 bird鸟
19 birthday生日
20 black黑
21 blue蓝
22 books书
23 bridge桥
24 butterfly 蝴蝶
25 candles蜡烛
26 carp鲤
27 cat猫
28 Chang-e嫦娥
29 chicken鸡
30 Chinese knots 中华结
31 Chinese wedding tea ceremony 敬茶礼
32 Chinese zodiac 生肖
33 chopsticks筷子
34 chrysanthemum菊花
35 cicada蝉
36 comet 甚星
37 Confucius 孔子
38 cow(ox)牛
39 crane鹤
40 creator of the world盘古
41 cricket 蟋蜂
42 crow乌鸦
43 cuckoo 杜鹃
44 deep-fried dough sticks 油条
45 deer鹿心
46 dew露心
47 divorce 离婚
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