Featured Collection of Teletubbies (10 DVDs)

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Audio Format:  DD 5.1
Subtitles: English, Chinese
Voiceover Commentart: Chinese
Region Code: ALL

Please Note: This DVD sets are with 0 or ALL region code, which means they can be played worldwide, i.e. in Regions 1 - 6 DVD players. As the DVD sets adopt PAL TV systems, they should be played on a PAL supported TV or in any DVD player that has a built-in signal converter. Most of the DVD players do have this functionality.
Table of Contents
01 忙碌的一天
02 下雪了
03 天线宝宝圣诞快乐
04 快乐识气象
05 欢乐颂
06 喔喔,乱七八槽
07 来和天线宝宝跳舞
08 最喜爱的东西
09 天线宝宝来宝
10 手,脚,脏脏的膝盖
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by Liam F. on 2021-11-12 20:14:05
Came very well wrapped, Excellent condition
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Featured Collection of Teletubbies (10 DVDs)