Chinese Cultural Kaleidoscope

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Author: Zhang Yuehong;
Language: Chinese, English
Format: 18 x 12.4 x 1.6 cm
Page: 225
Publication Date: 05/2016
ISBN: 9787308159036, 7308159035
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Civilization of China
HuaXia, China
The background to Chinese characters—The sole survivors of the world's oldest four writing sistems
Chinese Culture Cards
The Terracotta Warriors of the Clin Dynasty
The Great Wall
The Temple of Heaven
Hemudu Culture Site
Painting & Calligraphy—Works by Zheng Banqiao
Beijing Opera
Ancient musical instruments
Chinese pottery
Chinese culture's wise man—Confucius
Chapter 2 The Land of China
Geography of China
Children's Folk Song—Chinese Rooster Map
Chinese People's Family
Our Beloved Motherland
Yellow and Yangtze rivers—mother rivers
The five sacred mountains in China
Tibet and its Potala Palace
Hong Kong
The origins of geographical names of the other provinces, cities and regions
Chapter 3 Selection from Chinese Classical
Literary Works
Romonce of the Three Kingdoms
The Water Morgin
The Peony Povilion
Chapter 4 Selection from Ancient Chinese Buildings
Wonderful Ancient Chinese Buildings
Pagoda of Six Harmonies
Great Wild Goose Pagoda
Zhenguo Pagoda
Youguo Pagoda
Yellow Crane Tower
Yueyang Tower
Tengwang Pavilion
Penglai Pavilion
Beautiful Ancient Chinese Waterside Towns
Zhouzhuang Town
Tongli Town
Wuzhen Town
Nanxun Town
Luzhi Town
Xitang Town
Chapter 5 China's Folk Culture
The Culture of Chinese Festivals and Holidays
Spring Festival (or Chinese New Year
Lantern Festival
Tomb—Sweeping Day (or Clingming Festival)
Dragon Boat Festival (or Duanwu Festival)
Mid—Autumn Festival
New Year's Day
International Labour Day
International Children's Day
National Day
Blessings Culture
Good fortune—Fu
Prosperity or emolument—Lu
Chinese Zodiac
Chapter 6 The Chinese Style of Writing
Four Treasures of Study in China
Chinese Calligraphy
The "Four Gentlemen" in Painting
Chapter 7 Chinese Philosophy
Six Ancient Chinese Thinkers of the
Pre—Qin Period
Sage of Chinese culture —Confucius (551—479 BC)
The idealistic wing of Confucianism —Mencius ( c 371—289 BC)
The realistic wing of Confucianism —Xun Zi ( c 298—238 BC)
The main founder of Taoism —Lao Zi ( c 571—471 BC)
The greatest person of the early Taolists —Zhuang Zi ( c 369—286 BC)
The first opponent of Confucius —Mo Zi ( c 479—381 BC)
Chapter 8 A Sight of Modern China—Beijing 2008
Chapter 9 Overlooking the Hometown—Hangzhou
Concluding Remarks

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