The PLA Marines

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Author: Li Faxin;
Language: English
Page: 195
Publication Date: 04/2013
ISBN: 9787508524474
Table of Contents

Acronyms and Abbreviations
Chapter 1
Glories and Dreams
ADM. Ye Fei Proposed to Deng Xiaoping to Establish the
Marine Corps
The 391st Regiment of the Army
The 164th Division of the Army
From the Land to the Sea
Chapter 2
Marine Cows in Action
Garrisoning on the Nansha Islands
Emergency and Disaster Relief in China
The Escort Operations in the Gulf of Aden and
the Somali Waters
Chapter 3
How Are the Marines Tempered
Basic Skills of the Marines
The Distinctive Frogmen
The Amphibious Lady Warriors
Chapter 4
The PLANMC: Arms and Services & Weapons and
The Force Composition
Main Armaments
Chapter 5
The Culture of the Marine Corps
Marine Corps Spirit
The Marine Corps is a Big School
The Barracks Culture
The Happy Barracks
Chapter 6
The Exchanges and Cooperation of the PLANMC
Welcoming Foreign Guests
Participating in Joint Military Exercises and
Trainings with Other Countries
Overseas Studies of Military Personnel
Maintaining World Peace

The PLA Marines