The PLA Air Force

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For many years,the PLA has been largely a subject of speculation and guesswork.That’S all about to change because of the publishing of The Series of Chinese Army。
What equipment does the PLA use?
HOW does the PLA train?
HOW will the PLA fight?
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Persistence and Courage
——The Birth ofthe People's Liberation Army Air
“Newborn”一Liu Yalou Assigned to Build Air Force
“Planting the Seed”一The CPC’S First Pilots and Aircraft
The“Cradle”一The“Old Northeast Aviation Academy” 
“Take—Off'’一The First Flight Squadron and the First Air
Force Unit
“Growing Up”一The First Test of the People’S Air Force

Chapter 2 In the Skies of the Korean Peninsula
Ready for Challenge
Breaking the Myth
“The Heroic Wang Hai Group”
Bombing the Taehwa—do&Sohwa—do
Innovative Tactics to De,at the Enemy
A Handshake Over the Pacific

Chapter 3 Creating a “ Territorial Air Defense”|
Air Power
The Liberation of Yijiangshan Islands
Striking High—Altitude Reconnaissance Aircraft
Exterminating the“Black Bat”
Hunting the“Black Widow”
Fighting against Tactical Reconnaissance Aircraft
Beating High—Altitude Unmanned Reconnaissance Aircraft
Fighting Second—Generation Fighter Aircraft

Chapter 4 Composition of the PLA Air Force Arms
The Air Force Aviation Arm
SAM Units
Radar Units
Air Force Communications Units
Airborne Troop
Other Military Arms

Chapter 5 Main Equipment of the PLA Air Force
Development of the PLA Air Force Equipment
Aviation Equipment
Radar Equipment

Chapter 6 Peacetime Missions
Disaster Relief
Supposing National Economic Development

Chapter 7 A Special Group
——Women Pilots
China’S First Group of Women Pilots
Women Fighter Pilots Flying over Tiananmen
China’S First Woman Pilot General
Meritorious Woman Pilot
The First Woman Commander of the PLA Aviation Division
Overcoming Cancer tO Return to the Skies

Chapter 8 Beyond Blue Skies
——International Exchanges and Cooperation
Conductedby the PLAAF
Open—Minded Gene
Fights Make Friends
A Special“Air Combat”
Missions for Peace
A Collision that Created Sparks
Flying Farther and Higher into the Blue Sky
The PLA Air Force