Communicate in Chinese 3 (1 Book and 3 DVDs)

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The Communicate in Chinese series is comprised of a set of four books. Each text contains 40 scenarios contained within nine different lessons and one summary review. The teaching materials concentrate on spoken Chinese, which is demonstrated through situational dialogues. Each lesson is divided into three parts. The first two parts describe the dialogue and include explanations of the cultural background and language points. The third part focuses on review and contains drills of common expressions. Chinese language learners will find confidence in their speaking abilities as they gradually build on each lesson, strengthening their ability to use Chinese to communicate in daily life.

Table of Contents
Lesson 21. Reservations and Dining
Lesson 22. Opinions
Lesson 23. Guest Visit
Lesson 24. Developing Films
Lesson 25. Washing the Laundry
Lesson 26. Seeing a Doctor
Lesson 27. Birthdays
Lesson 28. Eating Roast Duck
Lesson 29. Touring in Beijing
Lesson 30. Revision
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Communicate in Chinese 3 (1 Book and 3 DVDs)