Learning Chinese through Movies Vol 1

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Language: English-Chinese
Format: Papercover
Page: 165
Publication Date: 07/2010
ISBN: 9787510017933
Publisher: World Book Press
There are two volumes. each consisting of 6-7 chapters, each chapter supported by approximately 20 minutes of video clips, and requiring about 8 class hours to complete. Each chapter is further divided into six parts, namely story introduction, character introduction, selected dialogue, extensive practice, reading exercise and vocabulary exercise.
Table of Contents
第一课 和你在一起
第二课 无间道3
第三课 姨妈的后现代生活
第四课 开往春天的地铁
第五课 保持通话
第六课 美人草
第七课 电影往事
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Learning Chinese through Movies Vol 1