Communicate in Chinese 2 (1 Book and 3 DVDs)

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This unique language learning course is presented by one of the most popular Western figures in China, Da Shan, who speaks fluent Chinese just like every Chinese person in China. Based on a popular Chinese teaching television series for non-native speakers, it is a convenient alternative to classroom learning or going to China to study. The Communicate in Chinese series is comprised of a set of four books. Each text contains 40 scenarios contained within nine different lessons and one summary review. The teaching materials concentrate on spoken Chinese, which is demonstrated through situational dialogues. Each lesson is divided into three parts. The first two parts describe the dialogue and include explanations of the cultural background and language points. The third part focuses on review and contains drills of common expressions. Chinese language learners will find confidence in their speaking abilities as they gradually build on each lesson, strengthening their ability to use Chinese to communicate in daily life.

Table of Contents
Lesson 11. Staying at Hotels
Lesson 12. Changing Money
Lesson 13. Repairing the Bicycle
Lesson 14. Taking Taxis
Lesson 15. Taking Buses
Lesson 16. Talking about the Weather
Lesson 17. Sending Letters
Lesson 18. On the Internet
Lesson 19. Booking Tickets
Lesson 20. Revision
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by Hans BUIJS on 2017-08-16 23:30:19
the dialogues are useful. In the text they are given in pinyin and characters. the videos are tediously very very redundant - lots of repetition from lesson to lesson. When spoken in Chinese the subtitles are in characters which is bizarre as learners have no idea what they mean - and at the same time can not follow what is being said in Chinese. the books break along the spine easily. I had No1 spiral bound soon after purchase - and did 2, 3, and four at the same time. Roswell is certainly fluent in Chinese - in the 6+ years I lived in China I found lots of people who were. But I do not find him particularly entertaining. I would buy the books again because at the price I paid for them - but not the price listed online. By the way, get yourself Pleco - it's the bests money you'll every spend if you're serious about learning Mandarin. good luck, Hans
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Communicate in Chinese 2 (1 Book and 3 DVDs)