A Chinese - English Dictionary of Measure Words

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  • Author: Jiao Fan;
  • Language: Chinese & Pinyin & English
  • Format: 1 Book
  • Page: 225
  • Publication Date: 06/2001
  • ISBN: 7800525686
  • Publisher: Sinolingua Press

For most foreign students of Chinese, measure words are perhaps one of the major problems to deal with throughout their studies. It is either because there are so few equivalents of Chinese measure words in the students' respective mother tongues that the students simply have no set notion about them, or because the stu?dents can only gain access to a limited number of measure words in their textbooks,which often lack a way for them to learn the rest of the commonly used measure words systematically.
Improving on its first edition of 1993, Learning Chinese Measure Words, this book has been revised to help foreign students solve this problem in a better way. It is intended mainly for learners of Chinese language who require particular help in broadening their knowledge of the connotations and the different uses of Chinese measure words. The book can also be used by those inventive teachers, who are interested in using the audio-visual approach in their teaching, as a source book for making slides and video-recording scripts.
For this revised edition, 178 commonly used measure words have been included, compared with the 143 measure words selected for the previous edition. Other differences between this edition and its previous one are: the situational passages and dialogues as well as the new words are removed; instead, more measure word phrases accompanied by their pinyin form and English equivalents have been provided. Synonym discrimination is made when necessary for better understanding and use of these measure words.

Contains 178 measure words currently in common use.
A-Z listing of entries for easy access.
Explanations in both Chinese and English.
Examples followed by their pinyin form and English equivalents.
Well illustrated with clear and lively layout.
Written for foreign learners beginning to learn Chinese.

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A Chinese - English Dictionary of Measure Words