Shandong Statistical Yearbook 2010

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1, "Shandong Statistical Yearbook" is a fully reflect the economic and social development of Shandong Province information on the status of annual, is to recognize and study the situation in Shandong Province, to develop policies to guide national economic development of the important information and historical books.
2, "Shandong Statistical Yearbook -2010," including the special set of tables and appendices. Some special set, including government reports, statistical bulletins and statistical review, comprehensive reflection of the province's social and economic development, and statistical work in Shandong Province.
Part of a collection of tables in Shandong Province in 2009 national economic and social development, statistics, a total of 20: first, comprehensive; second, national accounts; Part III, population; Title IV, practitioners , remuneration and social security; fifth chapter, investment in fixed assets; Six, energy; the seventh chapter, finance insurance; the eighth chapter, the price index; the ninth chapter, living; the 10th chapter, urban construction; 10th 1, agriculture; the 12th chapter, industrial; the 13th chapter, the construction industry; the 14th chapter, transportation and sports; the 15th chapter, wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering industry; 16th articles, foreign economic, tourism and development zones; the 17th chapter, education, technology, culture; the 18th chapter, health, sports, civil affairs, justice, mapping, standard measurement; 19th articles, resources and environment; second 10, counties (cities, districts) of major economic indicators.
After each chapter with a brief description of inset, outlined the main contents of the articles and information sources; each chapter ends with key statistical indicators to explain, briefly introduced the concept of indicators, statistical methods, statistical coverage and statistical areas.
The appendix includes the provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) of major economic indicators, some international statistics and the work of memorabilia such as in Shandong Province Bureau of Statistics.
Third, this "yearbook" set of indicators, "Government Work Report" and "statistical bulletin" for the express use of the number or the number of preliminary statistics, the other ministries into a formal annual report. All of this "yearbook" be inconsistent with the number of "yearbook" shall prevail.
Fourth, the "Yearbook" of the editor, has been under the existing national statistical system, the concept of the statistical indicators, caliber, Fan Wei, calculation method, calculation of prices, etc., were unified Diaozheng and separately the various parts of the Zhu Yao index or table Mo Jie Shi Jiayi Notes; value indicators in the table who have not annotated, calculated at current prices.
5, "Shandong Statistical Yearbook," has been openly published by the readers interest and support are deeply grateful. The "Yearbook" editor is inevitable shortcomings, I urge readers to give valuable advice to improve and enhance.

Shandong Statistical Yearbook 2010